Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Dad no 4

So Finally I find the time to post my intro and my very first ever blog!

I've been in the hobby for nearly 20 years with my first ever purchase being the 3rd edition starter box. In fact my 2 main armies are still Blood Angels and Orks and both armies still include my very first painted models. Since that small start both have grown in size to create two decent sized armies with the Blood Angels being the bigger at about 8000 points.
Not bad for a 12 year old with no
guidance what so ever!

Since then I've gone on to collect many different armies and of the four dads I'm the only one to have a non imperial army and, I think, I'm the only one to have more than a couple of armies ( I have 8 in total, 9 if you include 30k in that). However painting isn't really my favourite part of the hobby so I am guilty of having many unpainted or just base coated models. There is always more to collect though so I doubt that will ever change!

My foray into 30k has thus far been quite limited with only a small XIII Legion force currently occupying a space on my shelf along with Angron and Horus. I just couldn't say no to them when they came out, Angron is an epic miniature and Horus is, well, Horus... I do have plans to expand it and an unopened Mark of Calth box sat on my floor will certainly help with that.

Recently my hobby time has been severely curtailed with the birth of my son and daughter in 2014. Who knew little people could take up so much of your time! Unlike Dave I couldn't talk my wife into 40k related names for them. I thought Lemartes and Mephiston were perfectly reasonable names as well.

The fluff is very much my favourite part of the hobby so any army lists I do or models I build must be believable fluff wise, so much so in fact that I still use tactical squads in my Blood Angel army (shock horror!).

Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice to have you join us Steve :-)

  2. Hi there Steve, gonna have to think of some fluff questions for you.... Here's a start, why is 'it' called fluff?!