Friday, 22 January 2016

Forgeworld Friday - Updated Armour Sets

FW New Armour

I love checking in on the FW website on a friday to see what new goodies are on offer for us and this week they haven't let us down! On offer are 'updated armour sets' to match the updated weapons issued last month.

So I tried to play spot the difference as I couldn't make out what had changed and after scratching my head for a while picked up the phone to FW for an explanation, there are four changes we can see here:

1. The models now come in a blister pack - woohoo!
2. The models are now missing a right hand - this will allow them to take the weapons that were issued last month, and also ...
3. The change has been made to make them compatible with the plastic Betrayal at Calth sets
4. All the models are issued with the 32mm bases

This is an interesting shift making a change directly to a FW product to make it more compatible with a GW marketed boxed set - makes perfect sense to me. Only downside I can see is what to do with all those weapons I still have that need models with a right hand!

1 comment:

  1. Thankfully the old mk2 assault squad came with both hands detached from both arm and weapon so I have a load of those spats for use with bolters without hands!
    God knows why they designed them like that originally!?