Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Sepp Company, Vlka Fenryka

So, as we're purportedly a blog written by dads dedicated to the hobby, I thought I better introduce my army.

I've always collected Space Wolves, amidst trying other armies, over the years and this is the fourth incarnation. However, since becoming a dad I have limited time and limited funds so set a few ground rules this time round:
  1. I wouldn't just scrap my previous army - usually when I start a wolves army I have got rid of / sold / given away the previous army to make way for the new. This time round I wanted to move firmly into 30k. I've always love Mk6 armour so much of my army was already 'Heresy compliant', I kept those miniatures, whilst getting rid of any 40k-only units such as Thunderwolves, etc.
  2. I would only paint what I can play - again, my previous mantra has been to collect as much a possible and at least one of everything in the codex. This time round I didn't want my funds or hobbytime to get distracted by units that I was never ever going to get out of the box. At least to begin with anyway. This meant getting rid of Rune Priests, multiple wolf lords, etc.
Weighing in at 7,198pts, this is where I am at with my 30k army:

There is still quite a bit to do. I also wanted to change the bases from snow to mud/dust, and continue down the dark and dirty route, using weathering powder and open source lighting to add that bit extra to my units. My painting ability has also improved a lot over the 5 years of collecting this army, so now was the time to update the army as a whole with everything I have learned.

Where I have kept tactical marines from the previous army I have combined them with new FW armour marks to add more 30k flavour. This is pretty easy as 30k squads are 20 men in size compared to the 10-man squads in 40k, so I could simply add 10 new miniatures to an existing unit, with the weathering powder, blood splatter and new base style tying the old and new together.

This was my test miniature, an objective marker.

So what have I completed so far? Well my challenge for 2015 was to stick the army together and undercoat it so that I could concentrate on painting it in 2016 whilst still having stuck-together miniatures to play with when us 4 Dads meet up (we like our games big so having 5000pts + was a must).

In terms of painting, when I took out the miniatures I realised I'd actually completed more than I thought.
  • Fully painted: Storm Eagle, jet bike squad, bike squad, destroyer squad, 20 man assault squad,
  • Just bases to do: contemptor dreadnought, rune priest, legion champion, wolf guard battle leader (legion centurion?), Iron Priest
  • Half finished: 3No. Tactical support squads, 3No. heavy weapon support squads, 3No. tactical squads, Legion Praetor, Moritat, Standard Bearer, Master of Signal (he's pretty useful)
  • Base coated: 2No. Spartan Assault Tanks, 6No. Rhinos, 1No. Breacher Shield Squad (looking forward to painting these!!), 20 man assault squad, and the mighty Fellblade (wanted one of those since I was a kid, glad FW made one!)
I really want to get stuck in, and am working on the Praetor and Moritat at the moment, but am waiting for the FW transfers before I get cracking on the vehicles. My aim is to complete as many units as possible, so I'm likely to concentrate on the 'half finished' and 'just bases to do' units first.

Four things not mentioned above but will distract me from the main part of the army in 2016 are likely (hopefully) going to be:
  1. Leman Russ - when the Wolf King drops I will be buying him immediately and dedicating my time to getting him painted up
  2. Armies on Parade - I'd like to put together a 2x2 board and enter AoP this year. Hopefully I will have enough army to enter!!
  3. A diorama - The Emperor's Champion mentioned doing one which reminded me that I have a cool little base I made about 2 years ago with the intention of making a Wolves/Dark Angels duel scene on. I think I'll revive that this year and have a Wolves / Thousand Sons scene, tied in to the AoP board maybe?
  4. Shattered Legions - I wanted an excuse to paint something other than grey so have decided upon a Veteran Tactical Squad of Shattered Legionnaires. This may grow in future. I think the 4 Dads may each paint something up also so we have a Blog Army built by the four of us. Who knows!
Anyway, that's where I am at to date. Once I've finished the edge highlighting on the bedroom coving and ceiling rose I should have some more Wolves updates!

Comments welcome!


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  1. Wow Dave that army is epic! At this time of year getting a plan for hobby time is critical. You've got me thinking about how I should prioritise my own to-do list.