Monday, 29 February 2016

Forgeworld Monday!

No sooner had I posted my earlier FW update than they uploaded a new Teaser...

Yet more love for the Mechanicum range of models with this stunning Titan wrecker of gun. I do like the style of these tracked guns - much credit to the FW design team. 
And this, a Cyclonic Melta Lance for the Leviathan Dreadnought. It is described as a supercharged multi-melta, i think its safe to assume this is going to wreck vehicles!

The big news on Friday was about Warhammer Fest, Ive never been so can't comment on what its like but this has been a cross-platform event firmly in the calendar for many years; my impression has been that it is more about energising our interest in the world of GW, rather than providing lots of new releases. Although given the speed with which new releases are flowing I suspect there will be some new stuff to spend our cash on!

Wednesday also brought us these lovely Word Bearer models which were built from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set and the recent upgraded resin parts.

I will keep my eye out for any more news...

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