Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Horus Heresy Weekender - New Models Roundup!

Well the dust has settled on another weekender with news of plot developments, next books and of course loads more lovely resin models to spend our money on!

I have to recommend the Battle Bunnies blog as the definitive guide to the HH Weekender - link. I am summarising below the new models that were showcased, lots to get excited about:

Mechanicum models
Not my army but one that I admire and Forgeworld continue to deliver on a unique looking army with:
Another massive tank and mobile field gun for the Mechanicum - I love the unique style of these models and cant wait to see them in the flesh (or should that be resin?!).

I am loving the Ursarax above - the claws look great and follow on from the hooked style we have seen on the new Ravenguard models.

I am a huge fan of the blight drone model by Forgeworld and have never been able to find an excuse to buy one - the Battle Automata has been identified as a potential pre-nurgle version of this and I couldnt agree more - very cool!

Legion models

New heavy weapons - ok so I cant see a low-slung lascannon being hugely practical in real world combat. But who cares, nothing looks better than a heavy weapon 'gun-slinger' model! I love these and will be putting my unopened Legion lascannons on ebay soon to get myself some of these!

Cataphracti Shoulder Guards - following up last weeks weapon upgrade these will be making your terminators looks even cooler - sadly not all Legions available yet - hurry up with the Imperial Fists please.

Sokar Pattern Stormbird - this has been teased at a previous FW event but I am excited to see it again and the World Eater paint job looks ace. At 5kilos of resin I am not sure how expensive it will be - just make sure you have the details of a good chiropractor handy if you do decide to pick on up when they are released!

Mastadon Transport - intended to represent a moving siege tower and to be especially killy. Looking forward to this one. If the Stormbird is crazy money then this may do the job instead. They still have problems making it 'buildable' and given my recent battle with a Spartan I am fully prepared to wait a bit longer for this one.

Iron-Circle Robot thingy - as if Perturabo needs any more help, then he gets these 20ft high killer bots to keep him safe! I can only imagine he had the built after Alexis Pollux nearly beat him in the Phall confrontation.

Other stuff:

Thousands Sons : Prospero is going to get the HH treatment later in the year so the Sons are getting some upgrade kits of their own and this lovely dreadnought too! Space Wolves are getting the toughest lesson in patience ever!

Acastus knight: Looks to me like a Leviathan Dread on steroids! With armour plating like that I expect it to be super hard to knock down and those weapons look like mini-turbo lasers - whats not to like?

What is on your shopping list at Forgeworld in the next few months?


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