Thursday, 25 February 2016

Incarceration, Betrayal and Retribution

the last week or so I have managed to fit in a fair bit of hobby activity!

We'll start with 'Incarceration'. we're talking dead Space Marines incarcerated in the living-sarcophagus of a dreadnought.

Below is a picture of the nearly-completed Space Wolves contemptor dreadnought I have been working on (my wife kindly took the picture). I've added some transfers from the new Space Wolves decal sheet, which look pretty cool. Jut got some highlighting of the eyes and wolf tails to go.

I've added some weathering powder in the form of brown around the shins and black around the vents and exhaust stacks.

I also added some blood to the big drill fist thingy using Tamia Clear Red. I added this after I varnished the mini so that it would remain glossy.

I'll hopefully finish him this week and get a proper post up to show him off. Let me know what you think so far.

Next is 'Betrayal'. Last week, after being informed by a kind reader that we were playing the game wrong we had another three games of Betrayal at Calth whilst at Warhammer World on Wednesday night. The game flowed much better. I lost two and won one game, so 4-4 overall now.

I still really like this game. It's pretty simple and yet has enough complexity to keep your interest.

And this feeds in to our last topic, 'Retribution'. When I heard this book was coming I knew I wanted a small Shattered Legion force....
The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution
Well I got my hands on it on release day, and in my opinion the book has taken the series back up to the heady heights of the original trilogy. I remember when I got Book 1 and was blown away by the fluff, art and rules. Well, this book did the same and it has been a long time coming.

I was wondering what purpose my Shattered Legion force was going to serve. I now have the rules and framework to use them in games of 30k, but it's not that often I get to play, it's going to be more of an exercise in fluff and painting. But after playing Betrayal at Calth a few times I think I am now going to paint the force up specifically for that game. All I'll need is an additional tactical squad to be able to use it in regular games of 30k (you need a minimum of two troops choices, and can't have more 'troops' than veteran tactical squads, so I read that as needing 4 tactical squads in total, two normal, two veteran).

So all in all, one box of BaC marines plus 10 more for the additional tactical squad means that I should have a force that I'm happy with, is interesting to paint and has more than one use. It shouldn't take too long to put together either. I had already put together one Veteran Tactical squad.

My plan is to have the bulk of the force painted as Luna Wolves and Iron Warriors (loyalist of course), with the occasional marine from a different legion spotted about to allow me to have a go at painting colours I have never painted before.

Let us know what your Retribution plans are!


  1. I'm really tempted to do a Blackshields force of unknown origin, using Mk VI armour and Rogue Trader style colour schemes.

    1. That would be pretty cool. I think the Iron Warriors transfer sheet has Rogue Trader rank markings in, so you could use them too.
      Black Shields based on the Thousand Sons could be interesting...