Monday, 1 February 2016

Spartan Part 5 - Steve Arrives

So, having been asked to join in with this challenge I've decided to throw my gauntlet into the arena. Like James I don't own a Spartan as my 30k force is much too small just yet. So looking at my collection I decided to pick the largest model I had unpainted which turned out to be an imperial knight.

I bought this knight simply for the opportunity to build it and paint it and to perhaps try out new painting techniques. I had (and still have) no idea quite what colours I want it to end up but that's part of the fun of painting such an awesome model.

During the build I decided to magnetise the gun arm and weapon options to allow me to swap them out as necessary, this was a must with such an expensive model as it will give me much more use when I do game with it. I also decided to magnetise it at the waist. I did this as it would make it easier to paint and easier to transport. I also did it for the gaming side of it - when (or if) it gets killed I can leave the legs standing as a testament to its obvious awesomeness and lets be honest how often do you read in the fluff that when large walkers are killed its legs are left standing after the top goes critical. To me, that's what this games about, telling the stories from the fluff, on the table top.

The magnets...

So now to painting. The knight has been primed with chaos black spray in preparation for its colourful future. All the metal parts have been painted with Bolt Gun metal or whatever its called now and then washed with Nuln Oil. I will probably dry bush with a slightly lighter paint to just liven it up a bit. I will also wash some areas with a brown wash to give it a dirtier, oilier look. This will be around gears and pistons.

I was at a bit of a loss what colour to do the armour and am still not 100% sure of the final colour scheme. I had just picked up a new paint,  Incubi Darkness, and decided to give that ago. It looked nice but was too dark, this led me on to use Hawk Turquoise as it went well with Incubi Darkness but was much brighter.

This is how it stands at the moment.

I am thinking of using a red to set against the turquoise with perhaps a brighter spot colour to make it all stand out. What do you guys think? Any comments would be much appreciated.

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