Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Year of the Wolf

It's only February and this year is really shaping up to be the year of the Wolf!

This weekend saw several bits of big news, I'm so excited I'm not sure where to start.

Lets start with 40k. Saturday morning saw the release of the Wulfen, a codex update and the progression of the whole 40k time line. Which is all pretty monumental. 
Space Wolves Wulfen

My mind isn't made up with the Teen Wolf look-a-like miniatures (link for those that are too young), but I have brought two of the transfer sheets. Some of those glyphs will look cool on my boarding marines, and on my vehicles. I'm still waiting for a legion decal sheet from FW, but this is a good addition to the range.
As for the time line moving forward, apparently Curse of the Wulfen has loyalist forces, including dirty dress wearing Dark Angels and Grey Knights attacking Fenris, believing that the Space Wolves have gone traitor. But if the Wulfen are flying back from the warp, Russ cannot surely be far behind them!? Is this the Wolf Time? We already had some Necron fluff about a giant in green armour, and we know Vulkan is an immortal, and Guilliman is healing...
Then Sunday FW revealed Space Wolves upgrades and a WIP Leman Russ in their Inferno seminar. Battle Bunnies gave us some great coverage (I'm gonna there myself next time, already got the green light from the 'Boss'). They obviously aren't as bling as the 40k range of Space Wolves bits,a nd nore should they be, but it looks like everything will tie together nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the transfer sheet, hopefully later in the year.
But what does that all mean for us Wolves players?

There's a few things to think about. The 40k end times, or the Wolf Time as the 6th Legion call it is the time of the final battle, when good clashes with evil and the mighty Leman Russ returns. Every founding chapter has a similar story, Guilliman will unthaw from stasis, Vulkan will reappear, Luther reveals where el Johnson is. Well, now we have Primarch miniatures so why not progress the story and finally pull the trigger on the final battle. It will be epic, but most importantly it will not be over quickly so there's no reason for a Warhammer-type End Times, 40k will just carry on as it is but with the Primarchs back in the game.

I honestly doubt there will be a big shift in rules. Too many people love the HH, love what FW have done with the Big Black Books and more importantly, have already invested hundreds of pounds in rules books that rely on the main 40 rule book. If that were to change and void all of those reliant books, there would be a lot of disenchanted HH fans out there. I'm personally in it for the fluff, but I occasionally have a game. If this happened there is no way I would go out and re-purchase 10 or so books just so I could play 2 games a year.

The second thing is that FW revealed at the weekender that they, and presumably GW and BL, will be working on The Scouring once the HH story arch is finished. It's good to learn that the team have got this in mind now. Previously it was a 'possibly, who knows', but now they have made their mind up to do it, it means they know the HH story is coming to an end. Much as I love it, we all know what happens in the end and we all want it to get there. So even if the main 40k story arch ended (which is unlikely), they could essentially reset the game 10,000 years and still have all the same armies. No one loses.
What I do know for sure is, it's gonna feel like Christmas all year. I want HH Book 7 in my hand this very minute!? How can they make wait up to another 10 months?! How am I gonna go to sleep every night?! I'm too excited!!!

Please let me know if you're feeling just as excited...

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