Friday, 4 March 2016

Is the Heresy nearing it's final stages?

So this year has been a big year for Horus Heresy fans, and it's only March! My theory is that we are headed in to the End Game, and here's why...

Black Library
Already in 2016 we have had two great books that push the series along at a significant pace, in the forms of Pharos (Book 34) and War Without End (Book 33), and then this week we had another 4 books revealed to us in the Black Library news letter which will be published throughout the year.

6 proper Horus Heresy books in a year is arguably unprecedented, and this only takes us up to June!! i.e. there could be more to come.

So what does the immediate future hold? I suspect that Black Library are aiming for a 50 book series. I can't remember if that has ever been said by them but I imagine that's where we're headed. If they are ramping up the titles to get us there quicker I just hope the quality is maintained.

I'm not sure how many 'big events' we need covering between now and the end but I'd expect at least 5 books to over the Siege of Terra. You'll need that many to cover all the relevant view points (traitor, loyalist, Shadow War, Mars, etc), and to tie all the loose ends up (at least those that need tying up).

Not to mention the White Scars and Blood Angels still need to arrive at Terra and the Dark Angels still need to make that long overdue Christmas visit to the family home world. Plus Russ' plans need to play out... ok, there's a few events!

Forge World
We know that FW are planning a 10 book series and this year should hopefully bring us Book 7. What else is there to cover in the last three? We know that Blood Angels and Dark Angels are coming in a combined book, so that leave two for the Siege of Terra possibly? I'm hoping that the White Scars fans don't have to wait that long for proper rules though...

Games Workshop
This is the most telling evidence that GW have finally stopped stalling and have accepted that the curtains must come down at some point.

At the Horus Heresy weekender, FW revealed that the Scouring would be covered once the HH is over. Now that GW have a Plan B (the Scouring) they seem happier for Plan A (the HH) to reach it's inevitable conclusion. And that's no bad thing for GW. They essentially already have all the models the need for the Scouring, which was the period that formed the transition between 30k and 40k, from Legions to Chapters. And the fluff is infinite compared to the Horus Heresy, so where the HH must end eventually, any Scouring series would never have to really end. They just need to get writing the novels and rules to make it as big a success as the HH has been.

All in all, I predict we're looking at another 2 to 3 years of Horus Heresy output from BL and Forge World, based on the rate at which they have been producing things to date. That's an 7 year life span (roughly the length of time it took Horus to reach Terra! coincidence?)

Are you excited for the end? I've been waiting for this since the series began, and not in a bad way. I've been reading about the Horus Heresy since I was 14 (nearly 20 years ago now!), we all know the conclusion and I think we're all impatient to get there.

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