Friday, 13 May 2016

Twitter Primarch Death Match Week 3 - 1st Round, 1st Match - Mortarion v Roboute Guilliman

Its time for the 1st Deathmatch of the first round draw and we have another special guest to do the honours - it's Chief Scout Sergeant Oan Mkoll....

Well he was here....I saw him a moment ago....I think.....hang on there's a bolt shell in my hand.....there's a name on says Mortarian!

Are you here Oan? Hang on who left that other bolt shell on the table?....wait there's another name on says......Roboute Guilliman!

So thank you Oan Mkoll! I think. Anyway we have a fantastic matchup awaiting us on Twitter - the lord of death and decay, the nigh unkillable, the slightly smelly Mortarion versus the stauchest of Imperials, the law maker, the man with the biggest, straightest rod right up's Roboute Guilliman!!!

Who will win and go through to the Quarter Finals? Only Twitter can decide so get voting @4dadsapocolypse

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