Sunday, 17 July 2016

Forge World Open Day - July 2016

I went along to the FW open day today, and man was that a different event to the ones I have been to over the last couple o years. Ever since the traditional Games Day was cancelled, I have found that GW events at Warhammer World do not generally live up to that expectation. When Rich and I went to the first 40k Tanks event, which was the first event after Games Day was cancelled, they didn't even sell all the tickets.

Today however, the queue was round the building and there was a real buzz, which was good.

Personally I was there for any sign of Space Wolves legion bits, and was hoping for Russ in particular, but unfortunately there was no sign. There were some bits about the upcoming Horus Heresy Book 7, but not even any Space Wolves transfers available for purchase.

It looked like FW were putting the hard sell on the Masterdon and Storm Bird, and maybe didn't want sales of other popular items to detract from those.

And man, that Storm Bird is big! It looks fantastic in the flesh but I'm not sure I am man enough to tackle that beast. I met a guy who had brought one and even though he'd painted a Thunderhawk previously, admitted he felt daunted by the Storm Bird.

Anyway, without further ado, my limited number of photos are attached below for you to digest.

Highlights of my day were meeting the man who designed the Masterdon (Blake Spence) and learning about the production issues they had had and how they solved them (I'm an engineer after all), picking up a copy of War Without End (looking forward to reading that) and seeing some fantastic miniatures in the painting comp (another post to follow on that subject).

The banners were cool, some nice Space Wolves ones, and you could order your own from the FW store

Now, I really was impressed by the level of detail and the clean lines of this baby. I would love to own one but not sure when I'd ever get to use it on the battle field. I'm actually swayed more towards the Mastodon now, despite my earlier reservations

Andy's White Scars were cool. I really liked the camo pattern on the tank, reminiscent of the old Rogue Trader days

I'm a rubbish reporter at these events because basically I'm just looking for Space Wolves whilst blinkered to everything else... but I actually found some wolves this time. They had the new Space Wolves transfers on the models, but also some of the 40k Space Wolves decals, so it appears mix and match is completely acceptable :-)

Big dice for big toys...

I was tempted to buy this fella, but I can't use him with my Wolves and there's no way I could create plausible background for him being in my Shattered Legions force either...

Super pastel colour marines - from eth Warhammer World display

Space Wolves transfer sheet - when will you release these Forge World?

Looks like the Moritat comes with a couple of weapons options

Apparently the colours mean nothing in particular

Stage by stage painting for each legion. Shame they didn't have the colours written down...

The place was still busy at 2:30 when the raffle and painting comp were announced. This event was a complete success for FW in my opinion (and the fact there were still queues in the FW store at 2:30 also really says something).


  1. Cheers again for the pictures. Always nice to see around even when I can't visit.

    1. Glad to be of service. It was har trying to remember to take photos when I was rushing around like an excited school kid :-)