Thursday, 25 August 2016

Will It Never End? - Hobby Challenge - Rich update 5

I have to say its been an absolute pleasure to do this conversion and paint job, the model is lovely and had that dynamic pose that allowed me to swap out the blade for a banner pole and I had an old renegade militia standard bearer flag that was just perfect to be blowing in the breeze atop the pole.

Story behind the scene...
The story behind this scene is called 'Rally Point'. I am thinking ahead to the Siege of Terra; this guy is storming to the top of a staircase above the beleaguered loyalist forces to have them rally to him and re-organise their defences.

Communications are down so he is yelling and waving the Company Banner to get his marines attention. The spent shell casings littering the stairs are testimony to the fight he has endured to make it to a point at which he will be seen.

I am going to extend the scene a little in September with the addition of a dead marine behind him on the stairs. He will be wearing White Scar armour but will have large sections weathered away to reveal Alpha Legion paint job beneath. The White Scars had been infiltrated and this guy has realised it and has found a way to work around their signal jamming....ok I know I have an overactive imagination but keeps me out of trouble!

How I painted the model:
To find out how I did the conversion check out my earlier post here...
I used my usual recipe for Imperial Fists on this guy, but here it is again for anyone who is reading for the first time...

Vallejo Primer Grey all over

Phalanx Yellow (FW airbrush paint)
Vallejo Game Air Hull Red
Windsor Newton Burnt Umber Oil Wash (for all the edges and creases)
I used a little Fresh Mud FW Weathering powder in a few of the darker areas to give it some more shadow too.

Balthazar Gold
Sycorax bronze
Windsor Newton Burnt Umber oil wash
Dry brush of leadbelcher

Calthan Brown
Tallarn Flesh
Organ Flesh Ink Wash
Watered down tallarn again in layers
Taller Flesh (with a little Scar White for highlights)

Sandri Dust & Scar White thinned with water and three coats
Washed with Agrax Earthshade Ink Wash, this was pushed around the flag with Lahriman medium to make sure it only sat in the creases
Once all dry I used a little Fresh Mud FW weathering powder here and there

The model got a full varnish of Vallejo Satin varnish before the oil wash went on, then again before the decals went on and a final one to seal everything in!

Using Phalanx Yellow Airbrush Paint:
This was the first time I used the Phalanx Yellow, I had head some describe it as too 'lemony' and I can see what they mean once the whole model is covered in it. However, I really like the result once you have broken the yellow up with darker colours and given it a bit of a weathering. Its also a lovely consistency for airbrushing - fine work FW!

Hobby Challenge Progress:
I had five character models and three Quad Mortars (plus crews) to paint for my challenge and all that remains is the Quad Mortars. These are well underway although with just two more days left before I go on leave its looking unlikely I will get through it all in August. I'll give it a go but I am already happy with the boost that the challenge has given to my painting. I would never have done so much otherwise.

Happy hobby time!


  1. This is flat out awesome! Super impressed with the conversion and the paint job. I think i'll have to steal some of your recipes.

  2. Cheers Emmet, it's a stunning model that FW set us up with, what are you collecting?

  3. I'm building a VII Legion force, love the Fists. Like you guys I'm also a dad (3 under 5) so your blog is a great source of inspiration. Cheers

  4. Glad to hear you are VIIth Legion too! Three under 5 eh? That's gonna keep you busy, we are all based up in the NW & Nottingham, let us know if you think you can sneak out for a game sometime!

  5. Thanks mate, it certainly does. I would love to but i doubt it as I'm in Melbourne, Australia!

  6. Where is the commitment Emmet, they fly daily to the UK!!