Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Will It Never End? - Hobby Challenge - Steve

Blood Angel terminators

The final part of the hobby challenge we started recently was my terminators. I've had these guys for a fair while now and needed some motivation to get them done. This challenge was just such motivation. I've painted them in the same way I painted the tactical squad I  finished recently (See here).

Have a look through these photos and let me know your thouhjts/ suggestions.



  1. Looking very solid as always Steve, you have asked for suggestions so...
    - drill the gun barrels
    - some 'text' on the scrolls
    - maybe some texture for the bases?

    Looking good though Son of Sanguinus and as long as they make it to the big showdown on Terra that's all that matters!

    1. These are the three things I was going to suggest. Nice and solid work though Steve, well done.

  2. Nice work matey! And just in the nick of time :-)

  3. Cheers guys. I will look at the gun barrels and see about drilling them. I've always struggled with the scrolls. How do you guys get text on them? As for the bases I am planning, at some point, to swap them over to the sector imperialis bases I bought recently.