Friday, 19 August 2016

Will it Never End?! - Hobby Challenge Update

Would you believe it, I have been putting off finishing this squad until the FW Space Wolves transfers got released. I even emailed them last week asking when they were coming, they said they didn't know so I pushed on and got these guys past the finish line... then today FW released the transfers!!



In any case, here is the last squad that was part of my hobby challenge: a 10 man heavy weapons squad. 5 with 'heresy' missile launchers, 5 with '40k' missile launchers, although anything goes in the Horus Heresy and I prefer the 40k variant.

These guys needed two more men and re-basing for completion, so not a lot to do, but I took the opportunity to update icons and weathering to blend them in to the rest of the army.

Comments welcome


  1. Not sure about the white helmets but otherwise I do like those, bravo.

  2. Some started out as long fangs many moons ago so the white helmets kinda stayed...

  3. Well I am a lover of white armour so good call on the helmets! Lovely work Dave, the decals look good too, I wouldn't worry about the new sets...