Thursday, 3 November 2016

Space Wolves Progress Update - November

Just a quick one from me this week.

I started out with the intention of painting up my Fellblade.  was a bit bored of painting infantry (still so much more to go though... I am NOT buying any more until I have completed what I have...)...

But then got somewhat distracted!

I have actually made quite a bit more progress on Russ than this photo shows, but this was the last photo I took last night.

I've been looking around the web at what other people have been doing with him for a bit of inspiration, which has inspired to me to attempt a few new techniques. In particular I'm going for white marble on the stonework, and blonde hair, which these guys have done really well:


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  1. Looks like you have most of the hard stuff done for your Fellblade now, more fun details to add.

    I could imagine Russ being somewhat distracting. So tempted!

    1. The main trouble with the fell blade is arm ache :-)

    2. I'd say it is rather heavy all right. Short bursts or prop it up eh?

    3. Short bursts, with breaks where I rest it on the desk to paint the upper bits