Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Space Wolves Terminators

Just thought I'd share these guys with you.

I brought this squad when the cataphractii terminators were first released. I just love the aesthetic of the armour. When you've grown up reading Horus Heresy: Collected Visions over and over, this is what you want your terminators to look like.

I very rarely use terminators these days, which is why the squad hasn't grown. However, with a new found addiction to Zone Mortalis games, its gonna be terminators and boarding marines all the way!
How does the saying go, "assault marines in the field, boarding marines in the bedroom". Something like that I think...

Ah, yes, the reason I'm sharing them is that I have updated them. Rebased them, added some new decals and then some weathering powder and power weapon glowing bits. I still feel the bases need something though, a 40mm base for a terminator is too much really. I'll have a look at basing options, maybe some runes or something.

These guys faced their first opponents at Warhammer World on Sunday, against some lovely painted Thousand Sons owned by Jason.

The Wolves and Sons finally come in to contact in the underground catacombs of Prospero...

You might notice there's a few less Sons in this photo... But the Wolves are no where near the objective and it's the end of Turn 4....

Who needs fair odds...

Classic pincer movement, there's nowhere for the Wolves to turn!


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  1. Lovely looking armies there. So your are liking ZM then?

    1. Thanks Rory. And yep, loving it. It's got some great fluffy bits, it's a bit like space hulk, gets messy real quick and you don't need a massive force. Basically it's the perfect game for me :-)
      You played it much?