Monday, 4 December 2017

Armies on Parade 2017 - Rich's Imperial Fists

Armies on Parade - 2017

I had an ambition to try out at this in 2017 and so, I duly arrived a few weeks ago at my local store with my Imperial Fists and one of my terrain boards. 

I decided to take infantry and walkers only, and also to keep the miniatures on the Board well spaced so that the varied characters and squads could grab their own but of the limelight.

I hadn’t done a big push to finish any particular model off, but rather had been chipping away at the army as a whole through the year which came together nicely for this.

I took Sigismund, Pollux, and two Praetors. I really wanted to give the heroes of my army a platform to show off. 

Along with them went my two dreads, some Breachers, THSS Terminators and some of my Lascannon squad. An apothecary turned up too incase anyone got homesick 😉

I set them up in a bit of a rush, voted (obviously not for myself!) and left them too it for the day. 

When I got back that evening for the awards they had all been moved about and looked loads better. I had the store manager at GW Chester to thank for that - he’s got a much better eye for these things than me. 

To my amazement they won best painted 40k army! Certificate and badge in hand (never too old for a certificate eh?!) I left very pleased they had a run out. I truly hope they inspired some fellow local painters as I have often been inspired by the armies I have seen and spurred on to new things. 

I must also give honourable mention to some of the other armies there, in particular this wonderfully converted ork army and an incredible Imperial Guard fortress! 

'Twas great fun and many thanks to GW Chester for the great atmosphere. I’ll be there again, hopefully with something new to show in a years time. – A blog about Warhammer 40k and the Horus Heresy by four Dads

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