Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Necromunda Orlock gang finished!

I finally finished off my Necromunda Orlock gang! It's taken a while as I've been pretty busy of recent times. I thought I'd show them off and talk about what I like and dislike about them rather than talk about how I did them or what I did.

The Gang
Same but slightly different light!
...and closer!

What I like

- The models themselves! - Wow these are amazing to paint. They are full of character and detail and are just a joy to look at - painted or unpainted.
- The bases - Both how they are modeled and how I painted them. The toxic waste really came out well and I think it works well to brighten the muted colours of the model.
- The blues and whites that I used. I really like these two colours on this model - I love the sash's and shirts in this colour, I think the scheme is really cool.
- Moustaches - Love the details on the models and they came out ok when I painted them. Shame about the faces...

What I don't like

- The faces!! Gah, I really messed these up! I'm normally ok at faces and eyes (100 guardsmen will do that for you!) but I didn't have the correct base paint and thought I'd be ok with multiple thin layers of a layer paint instead - Note to myself, don't do that again! They turned out rubbish, all of the details got lost in the paint and then the shading didn;'t work. I couldn't even attempt the eyes as there wasn't really any sockets left. Rubbish!
- The black - In the end I left too much black parts on the models - trousers, armour, coats, gloves, boots and gun casings have left the models too dark. I should have used Dawnstone for the trousers and perhaps another colour for the armour.
- Highlighting black - Because there was so much black on the models they really needed highlighting and, to be honest, I couldn't be bothered! I did do some rough highlights on the coats, boots and trousers and highlighted some of the weapons but it was a pretty bad job. At this point I just wanted to finish them and because I had already mucked up the faces thought that missing a few highlights would't really matter all that much!!

So there you have it, a pretty honest review of my own work! Let me know what you think and if you have painted any Orlocks - I do love the gang and the models so much.

All the best
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  1. They look good to me. I do tend to go for dark colour schemes, so the large amount of black works for me, and the faces are as good as any I've ever managed.

    My own Orlocks are about as grey as yours are black. I'm planning on going back to add some more colour, particularly a rusty red/orange since they're called The Rustbucket Crew, but they're still going to be pretty subdued. I also had to do a few head swaps, because I couldn't deal with how hipsterish it looked when they all had the regular ones.

    Given the captions on the last two photos, I was kind of expecting one more, zoomed in so far that it was just a gun barrel or something and a caption like "Gah! Too close! Too close!" ;)

  2. Ha! Thanks for the comments WestRider. They look fine at a distance and I think I accepted that the nearer the end I got. I'm really glad I did the bright green toxic waste on the bases as it really complemented the models without having to brighten up their colour scheme.
    Love the hipster look!!!