Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What apps do I use for Warhammer 40k?

There is no doubt that we live in a supremely technological age. I can't believe how lucky my children are with the information, fun and convenience that technology gives us these days. I was at university 17 years ago and having to trawl through journals and books in an actual library to research my dissertation. Then it would be a trip to photocopy a hundred pages to take home which would then be highlighted in different colours before finally writing up on a word processor!

These times are history now and all has changed except for the fact that I am not playing computer games, I am still playing with models on a tabletop.
So how have I moved on with technology to make my wargaming easier and keep me in touch with the wider community?
What apps do I use to 'plug in' to Warhammer?

1. Battlescribe
This has to be my most used app. One thing I love about 40k is list building. Should I put this unit in? Wait, what about that tank backing up that unit? How should I kit out my Death Company? It gets me thinking and imagining I am a tactical genius planning to take over the 41st millennium - I am definitely NOT this!
It can be complicated and time consuming though trawling through codexes and rules, finding out the point values and adding it all up. Luckily I found Battlescribe which I think is the best list building app out there. It can be awkward to set up and will take a few minutes to work out how to use it properly but once you get going you will soon have 15 lists to choose from. I love it!

header image2. Feedhammer
Feedhammer is a great app which has a number of blogs and twitter accounts on its list. As soon as there is a new tweet or blog post from one of these it appears on the feed. This allows me to keep up to date with what's going on easily and quickly without trawling Twitter or the internet.

3. Wikia - Warhammer 40k

What an incredible amount of information! Anything you want to know about the 40k universe is in here somewhere with pictures.
The info is split into categories to browse or there is a search function to get you what you need fast. Great resource.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.34.25 PM
4. ToF psychic phase
This is an app that works out the odds based on the number of dice you need to reach certain degrees of success. You can work out chances for both casting and denying in the psychic phase and it calculates your chances of suffering a perils of the warp too.
A great app for any psyker in your army.

Cover art

5. Rules 40k
Want to know any rule in any codex or the main rule book? Its all on this app.
You can search or just browse alphabetically to find what you need. All special rules and rules for characters are here and are super easy to find in the middle of a game.

6. Pinterest
I use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. Searching on Pinterest is much easier than searching on the net for pictures and tutorials and a search for Warhammer 40k always brings up a wealth of pics and tutorials that are amazing to look at and easy to access. Pinterest is sorted into 'boards' too so accessing someone's board is an easy way to find pictures of a certain theme. In particular I really enjoy looking for dioramas and terrain which inevitably fuels my thirst for some hobby time!!

I think that Whatsapp is the best way to communicate with your Warhammer buddies. Its free, quick, you can have conversations with groups of people and posting pics to each other is super easy to get feedback on models or relay battle reports. This is how the 4 Dads speak to each other everyday!

Some people love it, some people hate it, I really enjoy using Twitter. It allows you to find out new information quickly and easily and interact with the community. I really like the convenience of Twitter and the fact that tweets are so short but allow you to click through to a blog post post or website if you want to. Of course the dads are on Twitter so follow us if you fancy on @4dadsapocalypse

So those are the apps that I use. Let me know if there are any other good apps out there that you use and what you think of the one's I am currently using.

All the best,



  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing :). Shame that rules40k app is android only as I would love to have that for my apple devices

  2. No problems thanks for the comment. I never even thought about Apple and android as I use an iPad and my phone is android! Will be interesting to see if others use any other apps for their wargaming experience.

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