Thursday, 8 December 2016

Scarab Occult Terminators - Review

We all know that I'm a Space Wolves player to the core but I've gone a bit off piste this week with some of these boys in blue... well, red. I'll be adding them to my 30k Shattered Legion force so these will be red and black.

I've just cracked open the Tartaros terminators from Burning of Prospero, so instantly saw some kit bashing opportunities. I don't want my 30k Thousand Sons to be too chaosy, so mixing them with some un-marked terminator bits is a great way of reducing the shear amount of detail on each miniature.

I don't often buy Chaos Space Marines, but I haven't seen this transfer sheet before. Is it new?

The instructions are nice and clear, as usual with GW kits these days

Those who have both this kit and the plastic Tartaros kit will notice that while many of the parts are essentially the same once they are stuck together, the actual construction of them varies slightly. Take the carapace for example, once complete they are the same shape, and they both come in 3 parts, but you can't interchange the bits as it's only the rear section which is the same in both kits.

There's a lot of bits in this kit, just as in most kits these days. CAD is definitely helping Games Workshop make the most of the limited space. While the Tartaros kit is devoid of Legion-specific details, the Scarab occult kit is absolutely rammed. Every square inch is covered in ornate detail.

I especially like the helmet designs. I imagine that Games Workshop will be doing a lot of these Legion-specific kits now to bridge the gap between 30k and 40k. Buy the basic 30k resin kits from Forge World, and then add in a load of bits from these plastic kits. Even just taking the helmets and weapons and binning the rest would cost you less than buying two Forge World Legion upgrade kits.

The swords look nice. Weirdly there are 6 in the box. There is the option (in the rules contained in the box) of equipping these guys with two power swords but then I'd expect one of these to be right handed, but they're not. Error?

The bolters are packed with engraved detail too.

The torsos also look nice, this is my favourite.

You can see that the torso from both kits is essentially the same shape. the rear piece is exactly the same and they fit the legs in the same way, so they are completely interchangeable in my opinion.

Hopefully you can see here that the helmets, although interchangeable, do vary in detail. The Scarab Occult helmets are far more detailed, and that detail is a lot crisper, than the Tartaros helmets.

Here I'm trying to show that the arms in both kits are interchangeable too. they both have the little location hole that fits the location stud on the torso.

The shoulder pads are the same shape and size too.

So, here's a completed squad leader with lightening claws taken from the Tartaros kit. As I say, I'm kitting these out for 30k. I don't even know if lightening claws are an option for them in 40k?

Here's another guy. I've swapped in a bolt gun from the Cataphractii terminator kit, just to show the shear versatility of these latest terminator kits. Excuse the mould lines... I'll clean thes eup when I build the other three.

Let us know what your crazy kit bash ambitions are...

Thanks to Alchemists Workshops for sending these across for me to play with. If you want to pick some of these guys cheap, check them out here: Scarab Occult

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  1. A nice review there and some interesting stuff for them. I am really tempted by them for my 40K Thousand Sons.

    Nice shop that is linked to and all.

    1. Even though I'm not a Thousand Sons player, these are really nice minis. The details are nice and crisp. You should definitely get some for 40k :-)

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