Sunday, 11 December 2016

Imperial Fists v Flesh Tearers - Zone Mortalis Report

The Imperial Fists were conducting a boarding action against the might Flesh Tearers...1,000 points....kill points.

The scenario sees the Flesh Tearers set up to defend a break in the ships hull made by a marauding Imperial Fist incursion force lead by the VIIth Legion hero Sigismund. The Flesh Tearers are lead by their incandescent Death Company Chaplain, furious at the VIIths attack on the sanctity of their Battle Cruiser.

Turn 1
After the breach by Sigismund and his spear-tip assault, the Flesh Tearers are first to react and set up a defensive line, covering each corridor as they sweep forward through the outer corridors of the ship, racing to meet the large hangar space where the breach was detected. Sigismund leads his unit to the edge of the hanger space, keeping a watchful eye on the bulkheads for signs of the enemy.

The Flesh Tearers edge closer to the danger area, each unit carefully supporting the other, waiting for their leader to arrive from the reserves held in the rapid reaction units before bursting into the hanger with revenge in mind.

Turn 2
The Death Company Chaplain runs into the corridors and joins the force sent to repel the attackers. He orders his Death Company to dominate the arterial passageway that divides the hangar from the inner quarters. One tactical squad pushes forward near to the sounds of the Imperial Fist entry.

Sigismund's senses tells him that his enemy is close by. He hurls his armour around the bulkhead and roars a challenge as he and his terminator assault squad see their enemy for the first time. A storm of lead meets them as they leap forward, bolt rounds skittering off yellow armour before Sigismund decapitates their leader and the hammers of his kinsmen end the life of the Flesh Tearers tactical squad.

Turn 3
The Chaplain is enraged by the death of his brothers and orders his 1st Company terminators into the hangar area to smash back into the void any more of the yellow armoured betrayers. His other units move to block the Imperial Fist Terminators and to reinforce the hangar against the arrival of enemy reinforcements, his brothers will gut them before they can sully this mighty vessel with their presence.

Sigismund signals his brothers, arriving in their boarding tubes, to converge on his location. Two Imperial Fist squads emerge into the hangar, breaching shields held in a solid wall of ceramite, punctuated by the roaring muzzles of boltguns. Their shells smash into the Flesh Tearer 1st Company, knocking two Terminators down, the Imperial Fists skill with the boltgun showing its worth again.

Turn 4
The Flesh Tearers Chaplain sends both the Terminator squad and an Assault Squad against the the nearest of the Imperial Fist breachers.

The VIIth Legions Sgt calls out to his opposite and a challenge ensues, after a flurry of power fist, only the warrior in yellow armour remains, standing proud beneath the Legion's banner.

The Fists are stalwart in line between the bulkhead. The shield wall stands firm against the onslaught of the defenders, just one battle brother succumbing to their vengeance.

Sigismund, now isolated from his breaching units, reacts quickly to the change in the battlefield focus and charges back toward the hangar. If they can catch the Tearers reactionary force between the Imperial Fist assaulting force elements they will have a clear run through to the ships inner-workings. Enroute to the Breaching parties they find an enemy assault unit, wiping them from memory in a blinding whirl of blades and hammers, the energy of the contest taking them closer to their brothers.

The fight at the first breach entry point continues, two more Fists go down, but the shield wall holds and takes out another assault marine. The Tearer Terminators break off from the fight and race back toward the other Breaching unit, joining the Death Company in their rage.

Turn 5
The Death Company have blood on their mind and gun their jetpacks toward the second Breaching Squad. The Death Company Sgt raises his powerfist and charges forward but unfortunately the low ceiling in this area stops him dead and he is sucked up into a vented crawl space [rolls a one for dangerous terrain, fails armour, fails FNP!]. The rest of the squad and the Terminators carry home their assault. However, the Imperial Fists yell their leaders name as their fingers close on triggers, sending a wall of boltshells into the Terminators assaulting them. Two of the three are brought down by the deadly explosive shells.

The fury of the Flesh Tearer assault is not dimmed, and they hit home hard. Ceramite boots and chainswords smash aside the shield wall, to leave the Breaching squad vulnerable to their rage. The Imperial Fists try to re-grouop but their will is broken and the Flesh Tearers are victorious. Despite this, their Terminator brother is overwhelmed by the loss of his squad and races toward the open side of the ship, leaping into the void to take the battle directly to the enemies battle cruiser...[he failed morale and ran!]

The first Breaching Squad continues to battle the Tearer Assault Squad, these warriors are emboldened by their Chaplains victorious cries and stand fast against the Imperial Fists. However, Sigismund and his unit arrive, smashing into the back of the assault unit and destroying them swiftly.

Turn 6 
The bloody Chaplain raises his Crozius aloft to signal a renewed assault toward the remaining breaching force. The move brings them into contact with the Breachers who have been reinforced by their legendary commander and Sigismund shouts a challenge that the Chaplain cannot refuse.

The two warriors meet in a flurry of blows and both lose a wound [amazingly the Chaplain makes 3 out of 4 Feel No Pain saves!!]. The rest of the Flesh Tearer Death Company stand their ground against the Terminators.

Turn 7
Sigismund cuts low, spins and pushes the tip of his blade through the Chaplain's torso. As their leader sinks to his knees, the Crozius falling from his fingers onto the hanger deck, his Death Company brothers fight to the last man. The hanger falls silent again, Sigismund strides forward with the spear-tip force. Intent on bringing this Battle Cruiser down from the inside...

Couple of thoughts on the fight
Amazing fun to play Zone Mortals again, we learned that by standing in a confined corridor, a unit receiving assault from two opposing units can ensure they only fight one, as the first assaulting unit must get into base to base contact as much as it can. This then prevents the second unit from joining in - we think we have this worked out right, but tell us if not!

The Breacher units were amazing tarpits once again, taking the furious charges of the enemy and then winning the battle slowly unit their leader could turn up. The Flesh Tearers were deadly, although suffered from below average dice [James' rolling sucked!] on the charge meaning they couldn't make the most of their unique skills.

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  1. That was a great little report cheers. Big fan of the Imperial Fists and breachers so this was cool.

  2. Thanks Rory, glad you liked it. The Breachers were great this time - providing some punishing fire and holding the line. I think on balance, it's probably better to go with Tac Squads which are far cheaper but as I was running Stone Gauntlet, it kinda tips the balance. They were T5, BS5 and the 'defensive grenades' robbed the Flesh Tearers of a lot of attacks on the charge. Plus the invul saves from the shields kept a few of them in the fight. Normally I would have a medic with them too - such a tarp it then!
    Happy breaching!