Saturday, 12 December 2015

Dad of the apocalypse no. 2

Looks like I am the 2nd dad of the apocalypse and for all you bible readers out there yes I ride a red horse and represent war - well in the form of currently piling my way through a Flesh Tearers army which definitely bring both war and a substantial amount of claret!
I'm James, a former pro golfer now turned teacher in an SEBD school and a taxi for my 2 daughters. Fitting in 40k can be rather awkward but little and often is working for me at the moment.
I always wanted to get into 40k but was always too busy playing sport and later on drinking far too much at uni. Finally I succumbed a week before 5th edition was released in 2008 when I spontaneously wandered into a GW and randomly bought a metal Ogryn, some paints and a brush.
My first ogryn (not a great paint job but still love him!)
Since then I have been in love with the Astra Militarum and painted up a substantial army to play doubles tournaments with - with Rich (another dad of the apocalypse) The Emperors Feth was born! We even managed to get nominated for best painted a few times at Warhammer World but never won - that still hurts! Now though I have got into Blood Angels (well Flesh Tearers) and can't wait to combine my two forces into a huge apocalyptic nightmare.
Expect to see me writing and posting pics about Flesh Tearers, Astra Militarum, anything 40k, Black Library, army lists and battle reports.
Expect me to moan about dice, time, tiredness, 30k and painting white.
Hope you enjoy... 

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