Friday, 18 December 2015

Thousand Sons are here!

Hey hey,

So Forge World have today revealed the Thousand Sons upgrade kits:

Thousand Sons Mk IV Heads Upgrade Set

I'm excited about these for a couple of reasons:
  • They look fantastic, and I'm loving the FW paint scheme, that metallic red look is beautiful!
  • I can use them to decorate the bases of my VIth Legion
  • I can also create a couple of TS for my Shattered Legion force (maybe a Librarian? The Ultramarines have a loyalist Thousand Son in Battle for the Abyss, so why not?)
  • It means the Sons of Fenris are a little step closer (being one of the very few legions left to get some Forge World Horus Heresy love)
What do you guys think? Has anyone been waiting for these upgrades to get their Heresy geek on? Let us know.


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