Sunday, 31 January 2016

Forgeworld Friday! New Cataphracti Kits and Alpha Legion Upgrades

Forgeworld rarely let us down and this Friday is no exception. We are getting some new Cataphracti weapons kits and the Alpha Legion Headhunters get a kit to upgrade your regular troops.

The Alpha Legion Headhunters are upgrades to your existing kits rather than full kits themselves - I can't decide if that works out better financially - probably not always depending on what you have lying around the work bench. Dad Dave saw these in the 'flesh' yesterday at WarhammerWorld and thinks the detailing is some of Forgeworlds best. I have to say that they certainly look that way. Here's what FW say:

The most secretive of all Legions, the Alpha Legion developed the original Seeker Squads. Tasked with eliminating the enemy’s command structure, the tactics and training of this unique unit type were perfected by the XXth Legion with the formation of Headhunter Kill Teams.

The Cataprachti Kits look great and expands the range of choices for these very popular terminators. I don't have any (yet) as my current style of painting favours the flatter surface areas of the Tartarus Terminators, but maybe later this year...Here's what FW say:

Today also sees the release of two new upgrade sets designed for Cataphractii Terminators, specifically for the plastic Cataphractii pattern Terminators you’ll find in The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth. One set is made up of five power axes and the arms to weild them, and the other includes thunder hammers, power mauls, combi-weapons, a reaper autocannon, and a plasma blaster. Awesome weapons of war for your Terminators, arm yours today!

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