Saturday, 30 January 2016

Part 4: For Sparta!

Ok, Rich has given his update, so I thought I better give mine.

Reading Rich's post I have realised that we really are using completely different approaches to painting our Spartans. Rich is all airbrushes and chipping fluid, mine is more old skool, using a brush and a sponge.

I've already run through the undercoating, base coating and dry-brushed highlighting.

Next I have painted on the metals, using on Boltgun Metal for the silver and Balthasar Gold. I found this particular gold gave a nice rich colour and good coverage.

Next I have washed on some blue glaze to simulate oxidisation on to the areas that would get hot, such as the exhausts and lascannons. Yeah, it's not a swish as the airbrushed effects I've seen but it's quick, subtle and looks pleasing. Having kids = less hobby time which pushes you more towards using quick, good looking technique rather than slower, amazing looking techniques, if you ever want to have an army finished!

I have also sponged on some black paint to simulate weathering, and some dark brown paint to simulate dirt.

This week I also started playing with Games Workshop's technical paints. There's two in particular I am going to use on the Spartan. the first being Stirland Mud. I want to add dirt to the tracks on my tanks and figured I'd give this a go. Being in the hobby for so long I have tried various textured paints over the years with mixed results, so I'll admit that I was wary of this product.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. I first applied it to the base for my contemptor (post to come...), and thought it was a bit too subtle, but after applying two coats it actually looks fantastic and gave good coverage. What I would say is that, yes, it does need two coats, but wait until the first coat is dry or at least tacky before applying a second otherwise it just moves around in clumps. On the contemptor base I think I'll dry brush it, but I possibly won't here on the tank.

I haven't finished the tracks yet, but here is where I am at so far. I've also applied pack markings and painted bits of the lascannons gold, in the picture below.

Lastly, today was a boy day here at Dad Dave HQ. I thought I'd share what we got up to as we at Four Dads talk a lot about the hobby not much about being dads. First me and Logan went to soft play for two hours (standard procedure, get the physical exercise in early so he flakes out later on!). Logan took his toy drill and spent the whole time 'fixing' things whilst singing Bob the Builder!

Then for lunch, me and Logan hit Warhammer World. Living only 10 minutes away from 40k Mecca does have it's benefits! The food is good, they have highchairs in Bugmans, and I really can't ever fault their service in the bar when I take Logan along (even if some of the store staff can be a bit grumpy with him when he's touching boxes of plastic space men...). The waitress today even came and took my order from the table so I could keep an eye on him (i.e. stop him from diving head first off the chair he was clambering on), which is beyond what I would expect.

Today at WhW there seemed to be a lot of people playing 30k and Warhammer (not AoS, proper 8th edition Warhammer, I could tell by the rule books). There were some really good looking 30k armies, some of those larger Mechanicum tanks look amazing when painted well. Logan loves looking at the scenery on the boards and the miniatures being played with. I think he'll make a fine 40k player in the future. I also got to see some of the Alpha Legion Headhunter Kill Team kits first hand and they look better than the pictures. So tempted...

That's it from me this week. Let me know what you think of the GW technical paints.


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