Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Forgeworld Wednesday - Flickr Pool & Tartarus Pattern Terminators

As a FW addict I am always chuffed by a midweek bulletin to give me a quick boost on the way to the Friday goodies!
This Wednesday the FW bulletin dude is sharing some lovely Tartarus Pattern Terminator Armour models from the Flickr pool:
Link to Bulletin

These appealed to me as I have an Imperial Fists army, but I especially liked the painting style - battleworn and dynamic which is how I tried to get my Terminators to look. This also reminded me of an errata I had seen published this month link. The errata amends rules for lots of Horus Heresy units crossing into 40k games and includes this boost to Tartarus Armour Terminators...

Tartarus Pattern Terminator Armour: This was an advanced pattern of Terminator armour developed late on during the Great Crusade in parallel
with the Maximus pattern power armour, and was considered a technological masterwork. Tartarus armour is more streamlined and power efficient than its predecessors, making it more agile and providing short bursts of additional speed when needed, but was also more difficult and resource intensive to manufacture. Regardless of this, it had become one of the most widely circulated patterns issued in the decades before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy.

In addition to the effects and rules listed previously for Terminator armour, models in Tartarus pattern armour may make Sweeping Advances in combat unlike other patterns of Terminator armour. If a model with Tartarus pattern armour is joined by a character equipped with a different pattern of Terminator armour or vice versa, this ability is lost. 

I think this could see a few more Tartarus on the battlefield as this is handy for stopping your enemy running, regrouping and then shooting you to death with pesky bolters (not that I am bitter James!).

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  1. There's always some interesting stuff on the GW flikr pool!