Thursday, 28 January 2016

Part 3 - The Spartan Challenge - James enters the arena!

So after seeing Rich and Dave duel it out with their Spartans 40k was feeling a little left out. Therefore my Flesh Tearers have stepped in as , let's face it, they're always up for a rumble!

Now I haven't got a Spartan tank seeing as I am way out into the future and so the dads have let me join in with my own assault delivery system - my Stormraven!

It has been built for a while but I haven't yet got around to painting it as I have been really focusing on infantry to have a legal painted army. I am now at the point where I have finished 3 assault squads, 2 tactical squads, some terminators and a land raider and a baal predator. More about these in a future post! I just have highlights to do on a librarian and I am at a legal force so I figured I have earned my right for the flyer!

The first step was to spray the stormraven with Dragon Red Army Painter primer which I have used for all of my models. It comes out with a very smooth finish and is extremely durable which means you don't have to bother with a black primer underneath.

Secondly I drybrushed all over with bleached bone (still old school with that paint) to lighten up the edges.

At this point the red is far too bright for mine, and the flesh tearers, liking. So at this point the whole thing gets a wash of Nuln Oil. The pic below is what it comes out like.

Following these first stages the flyer is still too bright but we'll wait for a while first as I need to get some black on it to mark it out in Flesh Tearer colours. This has been a challenge as I couldn't decide exactly where to do the black. The marines have black weapons, shoulder pads and helmets and so I will try to keep to this style and break up the red on the flyer.

As you can see from the pictures below I have boltgun metalled the engines and so far brushed on black underneath, on the landing pads and the tips of the wings. I think that I need to add black tips to the tail and maybe the top exhaust port and cockpit (not on yet) too.


I always find that models look rubbish at this stage as the colours are blocky and not highlighted or weathered but it is definitely starting to take shape.

What do you think about adding more black?
Where should I put it?

I'd love to hear any comments.

All the best,


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  1. Good progress James, even in the early stages its just great to get some momentum going- That tail fin needs some black I think!