Monday, 4 January 2016

Games Workshops 40th Birthday Party

The internet is already full of photos from the 40th Birthday Party event at GW HQ but I just wanted to share what we got up to there.

The Emperor's Champion and I went along on the Sunday (so too late for any exclusives) but had a really good time. Compared to the Golden Daemon Tanks event in the first part of this year it was a huge improvement, with an actual queue! Still not like the good old days of Games Day (no queuing an hour before the event, no buzz whilst waiting in line, no home made banners made by enthusiastic gamers from around the world), but an improvement on recent events none the less.

So what did we get up to? Well the Emperor's Champion will also elaborate but I'll share my experience. I got there at 10am (living only 15 minutes away this was no big issue), nipped in to the FW store to collect some goodies, then the BL store to pick up Deathfire so I can catch up on the Heresy series, then took a look at the event exclusives once the queue had died down.

The FW Horus Heresy masterclass painting book looks cool. I didn't pick it up as a) there were no Space Wolves in it and b) many of the techniques involve airbrushes (which I don't have) or complicated weathering techniques (I'm happy with what I'm doing). I did miss out on the Limited Edition Iron Warrior which I thought about picking up *sad face*.

Then we went and had a go at the Scrap Daemon Challenge, which was extremely fun. I made a bas with 5 marines against an Ork. You get to keep them too! (something else for my 2yr old to chew when he found it in my bag later...)

Then we had a look around at the studio area. The Corax mini does look amazing, as does the Mastodon. Spoke to the FW team there who suggested that the Space Wolves legion transfer sheet wasn't far away but that they still hadn't decided on the legion design yet. The Space wolves army in the Horus Heresy display (more on this in another post) had red legion icons though, which looked every bit as cool as I thought it would, so I hope they go down this route.

Then we had a game or two of Space Hulk whilst eating lunch in Bugmans (we were using my 1989 edition, not the fancy pants version Hocky was using on his post...). The food there is always tasty and good value for money!

Then we had another go at the Scrap Daemon Challenge before waving around a giant chopper!

Not sure where the time went but we were there for 6hrs!


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