Tuesday, 5 January 2016

And then the Emperor's Champion strode through the door...

Hi folks, an introduction to me and my life in the world of 40k and now the Heresy era.

Here's me...

My first memories of GW are buying copies of White Dwarf off others kids at school in the early 90s and looking longingly at the awesome lead models in the back of the magazine. At high school I managed to get a small Ultramarine army together. I have hazy memories of great games at the school club and vague recollections of Eldar ruling the day - damn those pointy eared fiends! My brother and I got Epic also which I have always had great memories of.

I was big into the painting side and with limited funds I dreamed of a time when I might be able to afford the paints to field a fully painted awesome looking army. Well by the time I reached uni I was still skint and had discovered other things to blow money on and that's the way it stayed for a long time with my models in boxes in my parents attic.

Fast forward 15 years and my best mate is visiting us and our new baby with his family. "Look what I have been working on" he says and pulls out a nicely painted Ogryn. An hour later and we are still talking excitedly about painting and planning what he should get next. 72hours later I am clipping space marines off an Assault on Black Reach sprue!

Since then I have built three armies; Ultramarines 1,500 points (sold them all after 9months), Imperial Guard 5,000 points all painted and now 30k Imperial Fists 3,000 (Work In Progress). I have got through to a Golden Daemon final and had three best painted army nominations at Warhammer World. I have even played pretty well in GW tournaments and have plenty of memorable battles in the Gaming Hall. So in the past 7 years of being back in the hobby I have achieved loads and made some great friends and with the way FW and GW are releasing new awesome stuff all the time I expect to be continuing that way!

My army at WHWorld waiting for the Space Wolf assault!

My current love is the VIIth Legion, here are some WIP terminators:

I will be posting about new stuff that interests me, mostly Horus Heresy related and sharing my experiences with painting and gaming.

The Emperor's Champion.

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