Friday, 5 February 2016

Forgeworld Friday - Khorgorath rises!

Ok so this isn't a model targeted at 30k/40k, but I can see it making an appearance within Daemon armies in both gaming systems.

I am liking the pose, its dynamic and suitabily threatening for a beast of the warp. Still, nothing a few shots from a Lascannon and a couple of Sigismunds sword swings couldn't deal with (I hope!).

This model is coming in at £140, and you can see a pic of it stood next to a regular infantry model which makes it look comparable to a Knight in size - this is a big chunk of resin so I can understand the price bracket it is in.

On the website you can see his 'Warscroll' which is what they call the model rules in Age Of Sigmar - these dont look compatible with anything in 30k/40k so I guess he would be a stand-in for an existing model - could this be an Angron? (probably not big enough, and he looks a bit too friendly but you never know!!!)

Here's what Forgeworld have to say about this fellow:
Rampaging across battlefields throughout the mortal realms, Skaarac the Bloodborn is known as The Great Khorgorath, and feared by any who hear his name. This massive beast towers over men a daemons alike, tearing apart opponents with his barbed blades and murderous claws, trampling those in his way and spewing forth blood as hot as molten iron!
Looks like a fun addition to a Daemon army...well armoured rampaging murder machine anyone?!!

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