Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Just how Grim-dark is the 41st Millenium?

So the new Wulfen miniatures are nearly with us, and as a massive Space Wolves fan, I should be salivating at the thought of these... until I saw them:
It's not that I don't like them. In a Michael Jackson meets Iron Maiden kinda way they are cool. Who doesn't want space werewolf Vikings? As a kid I would have lapped these up, but they just aren't grim-dark enough for me these days. Too much bling. On the battlefield their fancy belt buckles would blind you, I would think!
So where else can we look for grim-dark?
Eldar Harlequins perhaps? Not with those brightly coloured clothes, dyed hair and dancing. Even their weapons sing as they kill you to death. 
Harlequin Troupe

Space Marines? They come in red, yellow, blue, green and all sorts of shades (Howling Griffons anyone?!) Apart from their general lack of sense of humour, one of the Emperor's finest appearing with highly polished armour is only likely to add a bit of colour to your day. Don't even get me started on Dad Rich's Imperial Fists! In any other mythology, yellow is the colour of cowards, but in the 41st Millennium it is the colour of heroes... whilst doing it's best to offend my eyes!!
Daemons? Orks? They add a bit of fun and frolicking to the endless war (albeit, if you actually met one on the battle field, you're probably having a pretty grim day...). I understand where a Khorne daemon get's his red paint but Orks, they must have a loyalty card at Dulux! Liberal coats of red and yellow all over the place is certainly going to brighten things up. Especially when you have a 100ft high Ork titan rock up to the party.
Imperial Knights? Titans? They are in a similar vein to Space Marines with their multi-coloured, elaborately patterned armour, just magnified ten fold. Just look at Dad Steve's beauty in the Spartan Challenge
Ah ha! Maybe that's it. Maybe these guys are all painting themselves pretty to ward against off the darkness, blood, sweat and general lack of sanitation in the galaxy?
I think if you were the average citizen or Imperial Guardsman in the 41st Millennium, life would be pretty grim and dark, but the miniatures don't really reflect this. The work and artistry that has gone in to them is phenomenal, no one can doubt that, but to me they appear more and more elaborate. It seems like everyone is wearing their ceremonial uniform into battle.
Which is probably why I play 30k these days, where the armour is less adorned and the focus is killing your enemy, one bolt round at a time.

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