Monday, 15 February 2016

My Inner Golden Demons...

Last year, myself and Dad Rich had arranged to meet up for a game. He was coming to Nottingham and when he comes to Nottingham we always go to Warhammer World.

What we hadn't realised was that the Golden Demon: Tanks event was on at the same time. I think we realised about a week before the event and quickly decided that we should definitely enter.

For me, I've wanted to enter the Golden Demon since I was a kid. To win it would be a dream come true, but to even enter was a realistic ambition that I had up until that point never fulfilled.

But what to take, was my first thought. We have a week (and in Dad World, a week isn't actually that long, as you can see from Dad James' post last week), so there was no way I'd be buying a new tank just for the slim chance of picking up a trophy.

So I scoured my Space Wolves and picked my favourite tank, just adding some bits to try and improve it, and took it along on the day.

This was painted for my 40k Space Wolves, before I decided to ditch the snow and go 30k!
I've always used red as my spot colour, and always liked my marines dark and dirty, in the heat of battle. I also added a couple of shields. In my head I see Space Wolves tanks as 41st Millennium long boats, ferrying the space Vikings in to battle. Let me know what you think.

I must admit that I was pretty excited and also pretty nervous as I handed over my entry. Although my heart did sink quite a bit when I saw the level of skill else where on display. There were some amazing entries, which proved I needed to raise my game in the future.

In the end, I got a competitor's badge for entering, which is good enough for me after 15 years of wanting to enter. I am also determined that I will enter again at some point in the future! I certainly didn't think I'd get my miniature in the magazine, but thanks to Dad Steve for spotting that I had. In fact, both mine and Rich's tanks are in there this month.

Dad Rich's Tank Entry
As Dave said, we only realised by accident that the Golden Daemon was on at the last minute. I had my trusty Shadowsword handy which was my entry. This was my first attempt at using a 'military modelling' style approach in full and they captured this perfectly in Warhammer Visions saying the tank is a 'masterclass in weathering techniques' - essentially I just tried them all at once!!

I can't point to a single place for my inspiration but the tank was a combination of lovely work I had seen on the 'OrcPainterNerd' You Tube channel, the Forgeworld Modelling Masterclass and any number of random blog posts and military modelling tutorials.

I learnt a lot in doing this tank and in many ways it was just a big fun experiment.

Like Dave says, the quality of the entries (Andy Wardle is someone I am now following with interest) was daunting and as the cabinets filled up I was more and more certain there would be no lucky trophy to come out of this one.

Here she is, hope you like her and feel inspired to try out some crazy weathering techniques yourselves....

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