Wednesday, 17 February 2016

New-ish Space Wolves Minis

Sorry, I kinda missed these when I shouldn't have!
Ulrik the Slayer

The new Ulrik the Slayer and Iron Priest miniatures from GW came along last weekend and boy do they look good!

It was about time Ulrik got a new miniature, I must have painted the old one at least three times over the years.

This one looks great, a suitably heroic pose for the oldest Space Wolf alive! As for him having the 'Wolf Helm of Russ', I wonder whether that's why Bjorn 'can't be woken from stasis...honest...', that way there's no one to dispute whether that's a genuine artefact or not :-)

For me the pose of this miniature is too static, it looks great don't get me wrong, but I like my wolves to be more dynamic. And there isn't enough options for converting this guy. I think I'll wait until I see whether FW release a 30k wolf priest (or if the Vlka Fenryka even had Wolf Priests), before I pick him up.

The Iron Priest is also a welcome release. Again, I must have painted the old one two or three times over the years.
Iron Priest
This guy will undoubtedly make his way in to my army. I think my plan is to buy the two FW techmarines at the same time to create a techmarine coven (or whatever the name is) of three units.

I like how they have kept some cues from the original miniature: the thunder hammer, the wolf-headed servo-arm. Yeah, this guy is a keeper. I like how GW have demonstrated how easy he is to convert too: Iron Priest on Thunderwolf

And then we got Krom released too.
Wolf Lord Krom
I brought this guy the first time round, and again he's a great looking miniature, very angry, very dynamic. I started converting him, swapped his axe for a frost-sword from the new upgrade kit, but that's as far as I got. I realised he's probably too bling for my 30k army. I'll get him in there somewhere but I'm just not sure where yet.

This week I did get my hands on the new Space Wolves Transfer Sheet:
Space Wolves Transfer Sheet
I've been using it to bling up my Spartan, in the absence of a FW Legion transfer sheet at the moment. There's some really cool icons on there. I can already see icons I want on my breacher shield squad, y standard bearer, bits for vehicles. Yeah, this a good edition. The printing is great quality, the backing isn't too thick (though probably not as thin as I hear the latest FW transfers are). £12.50 for a sheet of stickers is probably a bit steep but there are ways to off-set that (like ebay the spare bits!).

What are your thoughts?



  1. I kinda like Ulrik, the others are meh, not bad at all, but not good either.

    1. Do you think they'll do Ragnar next?