Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tyranids vs Khorne Daemon Kin

After many months of a distinct lack of gaming time I finally managed to carve out an open slot for a game last week. I would be putting my Tyranid army up against my brother Mikes' Khorne Daemon Kin in a 2000pt game.
The Tyranids are just one of many armies I collect and one that I haven't used in a long time (that's it, get my excuses in early!) and one that I have just over 2000pts of. This made picking my army really quite easy, take everything, well almost, a lonely Carnifex was left on the shelf.

After setting up the terrain and rolling for deployment type (Vanguard Strike) and Mission (The Scouring) we got to setting up.

I opted for putting my big things on the left to attempt to roll his flank while using the masses of little things to hold up his other flank. While he evenly spaced his men along his deployment zone.

It is at this point that I would like to mention that I have never faced the Daemon Kin before and never seen the Blood Tythe table in action but the ability to get a 'free' Blood Thirster from it is certainly scary!

The game was a blood fest. We both charged at each other intent on devouring/reaping skulls as quickly as possible. I acquired first blood when my termagants shot and then charged a unit of blood letters while my hormagants swarmed over another unit of blood letters. His counter attack consisted of counter charging with everything he could and wiping the 2 units out while his Blood Thirster set up what I though would be a clash of the titans by charging my Tyrannofex.

Well, the clash of the titans was over very quickly as the Blood Thirster, with one sweep of his mighty axe, took the head from the Tyrannofex leaving it's slowly cooling carcass on the floor.

From here it became more one sided, my shooting was pitiful and all my charges seemed to end with more dead Tyranids. The dice gods had abandoned me. By turn 4 I was down to just a couple of units.

However, I did get my revenge on the rampaging Blood Thirster when my bonesword armed warriors managed to roll well enough to insta kill it due to the Life Leech special rule. Revenge was sweet, as was the look on his face as I banished his prized unit back to the warp.

 With the game soon coming to an end I lost by 5vp to 1vp. Obviously this loss was more down to my brothers weighted dice and obvious underhandedness and had nothing to do with my tactical faults and poor decision making!

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