Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Forge World Monday - 14/03/2016

Yeah yeah, I know this s a day late but don't think us Dads haven't had our eye on these beauties!

So today FW revealed some more of their  new under-slung heavy weapons, and don't  these look cool?

They said: "It’s been a good month for high powered weaponry from the far future. Every time I step into the Forge World Studio, I’m confronted with another set of weapons intended for obliterating xenos and heretics. Just take a look at these tools of devastation, they'll be on their way to the Forge World web store soon…"

I notice they are releasing two styles of heavy flamer in this format, or am I missing something here? They both look cool and I do have a squad of 5 already, so may build that in to a ten man squad at some point (although Dad Rich killed my squad before it even turned on the gas on their first outing... which proves that the rule of cool doesn't always work... )
Legion Heavy Flamer Set

Personally I have all the heavy weapons I want for now, but if I was to get any I think that auto-cannon has my name on it. Dad Rich also has his eye on some I hear so come back in the future to see if we fulfilled our heavy-weapon dreams!


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