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Vlka Fenryka Update - 19/03/2016

So I finally finished these three guys and got some decent photos to share with you!
First up is the Wolf Lord for my army. He is called Hrodger Ironblade, Wolf Lord of the Fyf Company of the Vlka Fenryka. A Terran by birth, he quickly assimilated the culture of Fenris after Russ took control of the Legion. His name is taken from the iron punch knife he drove into the skull of an ork warlord, shortly after the beast had struck down the former lord of Fyf Company. Hrodger had served the Legion for nigh on 3 centuries when Russ led them to reprimand the Thousand Sons, and led his company tirelessly in the searches that took place shortly after the fall of Prospero, to eliminate any of Magnus's sons that had escape the initial battle.
 See if you can name all the bits before I give you a run through... got them? Let's see...
I built Hrodger using the Legion Praetor from Forge World. His head is from the Space Wolves box, as is his wolf pelt, which I green-stuffed on to the miniature. The dead Thousand Son is from the Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf kit, the back pack is from Krom Dragongaze, the Space Wolves shoulder pad is from the new SWs upgrade kit, the wolf tail talisman is from the old SWs upgrade kit, the Volkite Serpentina is from the Mk3 command upgrade kit, the shaft of the hammer is from the plastic Thunderwolf kit and the head is from the Limited Edition Breacher Sergeant from Forge World...
All in all, a lot of little bits and some green stuff to fit it all together, but that's the way I Like my miniatures.
I used Testers Dulcote to varnish it and once again it didn't let me down! Then added some Tamia Clear Red to the hammer and around the Thousand Son to simulate blood splatter. It's pretty hard to make the blood splatter stand out on red armour though!
I like my 30k Space Wolves to be dark and dirty, with not too much bling. Obviously a Wolf Lord is likely to have a certain amount of bling, but I still wanted to avoid the garish look of 40k Space Wolves.

Next up is my Contemptor Dreadnought. I've shown him off before but after highlighting the eyes he's finally finished.

As already explained, I made him using the Betrayal at Calth plastic dread with the siege drill Leviathan Dreadnought arm grafted on. The drill plus multi-melta mean this guy is set up for some anti-tank action!

I don't have a name for him yet so any suggestions, let me know.

Last up is my Mortariat. Every other Mortariat I have seen has double pistols, but as this guy can only accompany Destroyer Squads, and they already have double pistols, I gave him a power sword. Because a) that was the image I had in my head and b) my Destroyers quite often end up in close combat for one reason or another so I thought the power sword might help them out a bit.

I built this guy using Mk3 armour (my favourite and to represent the void-hardened armour that Detroyers have, mirroring the enhanced Mk4 of the rest of the squad), the plasma pistol and power sword are from the plastic Space Marine tactical box, the torso is from the Space Wolves box, the shoulder pad is from the SWs upgrade kit and the jump pack is from some Mk2 assault marines. Again, a good mix of kits that add Wolfy-ness but yet keep the utilitarian 30k vibe.

I don't have a name for this guy yet (Skeletor?!) but as with the other two above, he is a veteran of the Terran unification Wars, hence the eagle and lightening bolt motif.

I want my wolves to show that the Vlka Fenryka are still in a state of flux at the this time. Many Terran Legionnaires have old numerals and icons from the Legion's founding, whilst much of the legion incorporates Fenrisian runes and pack markings. A mixing of traditions that is not completely stable yet.

Lastly, the sword. I really like what I have done with this sword. It is meant to represent a frosty, icy power sword, fading from black to blue to white, with a splash of blood on the leading edge. however, I can't seem to take a photo that shows how good it looks in real life.

 That's if from me for now. I'm just starting out on a 13 man Legion Breacher Shield Squad. I've been wanting to paint these shields for ages, but now I'm on to it, I can't seem to find the right design.
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