Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Forgeworld Update 28/03/2016

Once again, we're a day late, but who can blame us after such a long weekend (plus the clocks changed and completely threw me...who decided that!?!?), but looks like Forge World have been busy dropping Easter eggs for us this weekend.

The new transfers that they have previewed look incredible. I'm particularly interested in the Black Shields one they have shown a glimpse of. Look at those details. These will truly help bring the armies of Book 6 alive on the table top. I'm hoping they release a similar sheet for Shattered Legions troops, but I doubt they will seeing as these are forces from legions that already have their own decal sheets.

Are any of you guys going to Warhammer Fest? I was in two minds and in the end didn't get a ticket. I'm saving my 'Dave Days' for an anticipated Horus Heresy event later in the year or a tournament of some sort. I'm itching to get my VI legion in to battle.

Forge World also showed off some more pictures of the under-slung heavy weapons, which are now available. As I've already said, they look great and I'm possibly going to buy some... I like how the pipes, chain-feeds and cables now come straight. There's no pretence that these things will fit without the use of a hairdryer to heat and bend them.

When I first brought the rotor cannons it took me a while to get them to fit right, they were already curved so I thought they might fit as they were supplied, but now I know what to do they are easy peasy. Supplying them straight says immediately that they have to be bent in to shape, so I thank you for that clarification FW!

As usual, let us know your thoughts.


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