Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Spartan Challenge 8 - VIIth Legion update

So after starting the Spartan Challenge I decided that I had too many projects on the go and that I needed to finish some off before allowing myself the pleasure of finishing this model off. As a result I have barely touched it for the last 8 weeks! However, this has meant that I have finished off 30 Breachers and 10 Terminators (who will appear in a future blog post). 

In addition to this, like a proper over-worked Dad I have changed jobs, moved house and done a fair bit of travelling with work - somehow I have managed to fit quite a lot into Feb and March of this year!

So, after missing the deadline for the Spartan Challenge I thought I had better get back on track, here is a pic of my latest progress. 

Oil-washing and Pin-washing
Before I do any of this the model gets airbrushed with varnish. I use matt varnish but I know others use gloss before an oil wash as the wash runs better into the cracks, and you can then seal it all with a nice matt, but I am lazy and haven't bought another varnish yet. 

Washing is a laborious technique and I swore I would resist the temptation to pin-wash every rivet on the Spartan but have totally failed to resist picking out all that detail. Pin-washing is a well documented technique (just put the title into you tube/google), you get a little painters white spirit (I use AK Interactive stuff) and mix it with an oil paint, I have used Windor Newton Burnt Umber here which goes nicely against the yellow or the VIIth Legion. 

I mix it up to the point that the wash will be 'sucked' into cracks and crevices by the capillary effect, but has enough pigment/oil paint to ensure it leaves a nice dark colour behind; its a balance you can learn with a bit of practice. I then put a dab onto each rivet and leave it to dry. I also dab the loaded brush against any crack or crevice (zoom in on the side-hatch above to see the four rectangles as an example) and leave it to dry. I am happy to leave for up to 60mins to dry, but have never tried it over a longer period just incase it dries to hard to be affected.

Once it has dried a little a get a pot of the painters white spirit and start to dissipate any hard edges of wash so it blends in nicely to the colour beneath. Once done you can then seal it with a final varnish.

Its a simple technique that looks awesome. I would recommend doing it in a well ventilated room or the fumes can get to you after a while!

I still have a couple of areas to finish washing, then its on to chipping with my trusty bit of foam and finishing on lascannons etc and the Spartan is ready.

I am fighting against Dad James's Flesh Tearers this week so we will see how the VIIth manage.

Any comments and questions please comment below....

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  1. Yeah Spartan! This tank will be my next FW purchase. I use a lot of Terminators so this tank will be my best delivery surface. I'm excited to see more updates.