Friday, 15 April 2016

Forge World Friday - 15/04/2016

So today Forge World brought us some Cataphractii Terminator shoulder pads, and don't they look great?

We've got pads for Iron Hands, World Eaters, Son's of Horus, Alpha Legion, Death Guard and Iron Warriors, so quite a number. They must have been saving these up for us. Only one loyalist option there but I'm sure we'll see some more soon.

Not too pricy for 5 sets, so great for adding to your Betrayal at Calth plastic terminators.

Personally I'm waiting for some Space Wolves, but these are, as usual, nice and crisp. I particularly like, for example, how the Iron Warriors pads have the chevrons moulded on. So much easier than using free hand for those straight lines:

Cataphractii Terminator Shoulder Pads - Iron Warriors
Cataphractii Terminator Shoulder Pads - Alpha Legion

But all of the pads have nice details. Just look at the level of intricacy on the Alpha Legion pads for example.

Anyway, another good shout from FW, thanks guys!


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