Thursday, 14 April 2016

Imperial Space Marine 2016 Review

To celebrate 30 years of Space Marines GW are releasing this limited edition model. Here's what they have to say:

Iconic soldiers of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Space Marines are recognisable to all. Slamming down from orbit in Drop Pods and unleashing hell onto the enemies of the Imperium, they are found in every corner of the galaxy, heroically battling evil wherever it is found in a desperate struggle for the very survival of mankind itself. As long as a single Space Marine draws breath, the Imperium of Man stands inviolable.

Games Workshop invites you to celebrate thirty years of Space Marines (yes, it really has been that long…) with this incredible, limited edition reimagining of the first ever Space Marine miniature! Armed with a disintegration pistol, disintegration combi-gun and combat blade, he comes with a Citadel 32mm Round base in a special presentation box, featuring his rules for deployment in games of Warhammer 40,000!

This model is strictly limited – once it’s gone, that’s it – so move quickly to ensure your own little piece of history!

This miniature will be available to purchase from the Games Workshop webstore, Games Workshop retail stores, and selected independent stockists.

The model

To begin with, I think the model looks kinda cool - but really in a sort of nostalgic way for me. I like that they are producing another model from the iconic Crimson Fist last stand artwork . The model also reminded me in general of the Rogue Trader era of the early 80s, especially the artwork I would love flicking through in the 90s (when i 'got into' GW stuff) and seeing Space Marines with weird armour and weapons that weren't in the rule books. Even this guys name is from a different era, since when has any marine been called an 'Imperial Space Marine' in recent times!

In looking through the inter web for some of that old artwork I came across this old blog post which brought back some memories...

Rogue Trader Blog

So whilst I don't like the look that they used to have so much, it has a really nostalgic feel so I am warming to it. I also don't like the paint job they have given it so much - although in itself its kind of nostalgic.

The Rules

There rules are included below - basically he can be swapped for any of your Space Marines in the army and gives you an extra plasma-type weapon for free! Whats not to like!

*Edit: there's apparently been an email to GW asking if the LE marine can be used in ALL Space Marine forces, i.e. Space Wolves, Blood Angels, etc. (Faeit212). Apparently the response it wasn't answered that clearly a la "yeah maybe but we don't know yet"... What I can say is that last night at Warhammer World there were several versions in the display cabinet painted up as Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Ultra Marines, etc. In my opinion, they'll allow it in all armies because that way it has maximum sales appeal. We shall see.*

Hit or Miss?

I think I will be heading down to the local store to pick this fella up, I am tempted to see if I can get him looking good with my painting style and also, I think he will add a little more character to my army - I will enjoy other people picking him out amidst the warriors of Dorn. And lets not forget the free plasma-gun thingy!

What do you make of him?



  1. I picked up two. One was in my purchase, which went over $200. I was then able to pick-up a second for free. One for my Carcharodons and one for my Grey Knights. I am going to change the helmet and shoulder pads to Grey Knights.

    1. Cool, you'll have to tweet us a picture

    2. Sure thing. It will be a while. I have some other projects higher up on the chain right now.

  2. Yeah send us a pic of your paint job. Looking forward to seeing this guy done with some different painting styles.