Friday, 29 April 2016

The Primarch Deathmatch - Introduction & List of Primarchs

We all love Primarchs in Warhammer. They are the demi-gods that the game and history of the universe is centred around. Finally over the last couple of years we are learning more about them and are having the opportunity to play with them on the tabletop.
With the Primarchs being released and more of their history developed by the Black Library and the Horus Heresy books, I thought that it would be fun to have a Twitter Primarch Deathmatch tournament and find out what everyone thinks about the 18 (?) characters that we know and love in Warhammer.
This is how it is going to go down....
I will put the 18 known Primarchs in a hat and draw them out one by one to fight it out in a knockout competition.
I will draw them in pairs to compete against each other in a Twitter death match poll.
The first 4 drawn are unlucky as they are the qualifiers and fight against each other to leave 2 winners who go into the 1st round of 16.
The 16 then get drawn in pairs and brought before Twitter for people to vote.
The winners go into the Quarter finals and then Semi finals before we end up with 2 Primarchs fighting it out in the Grand Finale.
Each Twitter Poll will last for 1 week and anyone can vote for any reason. It could be that you think the miniature looks amazing, they are fantastic on the tabletop, he is the leader of your favourite legion or just because you hate the other Primarch so much. The point of all of this is that I am interested in what other people think of the Primarchs in Warhammer - Do you love or hate them? Why?
After each Twitter deathmatch is decided one of us four dads will write a post about the defeated Primarch regarding their history, tabletop quality, miniature quality etc.
To remind you of the Primarchs here they are (thanks to 1D4Chan and Lexicanum):
Primarchs and Legions
1. Lion El'Jonson Caliban Dark Angels
Alive, imprisoned next to Luther asleep within a chamber on The Rock. The Lion will awaken once The Emperor tells him to do so.
2. +++Records expunged+++
3. Fulgrim Chemos Emperor's Children
Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, ruler of the Pleasure World. Fulgrim's actual consciousness however, may or may not also be still imprisoned within his own body by the daemon who possessed him in the first place.
4. Perturabo Olympia Iron Warriors Traitor
Daemon Prince, ruler of Mendregard.
5. Jaghatai Khan Chogoris/Mundus Planus White Scars
Unknown, disappeared into the Webway while hunting Dark Eldar.
6. Leman Russ Fenris Space Wolves
Unknown, disappeared into the Eye of Terror with the 13th company but promised to return one day. Magnus supposedly knows where he is, but he isn't telling.
7. Rogal Dorn Inwit Imperial Fists
Assumed deceased, disappeared while boarding a Chaos cruiser during a Black Crusade.
His skeletal hands were recovered and placed in shrines. Rumored to still be alive.
8. Konrad Curze Nostramo Night Lords
Deceased, willingly assassinated by a Callidus assassin. His body was never found.
9. Sanguinius Baal Blood Angels
Deceased, slain by Horus. May or may not be the Sanguinor.
10. Ferrus Manus Medusa Iron Hands
Deceased, slain by Fulgrim and his head offered to Horus as a gift. Fulgrim still has the body.
Some claim he is still alive on Mars, though it may be not actually be him.
11. +++Records expunged (Possibly Malal?)+++
12. Angron Nuceria World Eaters
Daemon Prince of Khorne. Banished to the Warp for a hundred or so years after Imperium responds to his blood crusades.
13. Roboute Guilliman Macragge Ultramarines
In a stasis chamber after his throat was sliced by Fulgrim with a poisoned sword, so he is perpetually on the verge of death but technically still alive. Rumored to somehow be regenerating his mortal wound, despite being in a stasis field.
14. Mortarion Barbarus Death Guard
Daemon Prince of Nurgle, ruler of Plague Planet. Banished by Grey Knights.
15. Magnus the Red Prospero Thousand Sons
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, ruler of the Planet of Sorcerers. Wrecked the Space Wolves' homeworld and most of their upper command structure.
16. Horus Lupercal Cthonia Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus/Black Legion
Deceased. Killed by the Emperor after being wounded by Sanguinius.
17. Lorgar Aurelian Colchis Word Bearers
Daemon Prince, ruler of Sicarius. Is spending all his time meditating in the warp, so Lorgar rarely appears in person anymore.
18. Vulkan Nocturne Salamanders Loyal
Dead(Can he die? Curze tried his hardest!) - disappeared.
19. Corvus Corax Deliverance Raven Guard
Missing, last seen heading for the Eye of Terror to atone for his sin of using a legion of mutants he accidentally created to supplement his forces, only to euthanize them after the Horus Heresy. Some believe he will return.
20. Alpharius/Omegon Alpha Legion
One may be dead, slain by Roboute Guilliman. (It is not known which of the twins was killed. The reliability of this information is disputed, therefore it is possible that both Alpharius and Omegon are still alive.)
So with the Primarchs identified, let battle commence! The draw will follow......

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  1. Man I cannot wait for this!! Haha. We're gonna have to be quick with the write ups with only 1 week between each death match! :-)