Friday, 29 April 2016

The Twitter Primarch Deathmatch - Qualifying round draw - Death Match 1 - Dorn v Perturabo

"The 18 Primarchs have entered the Twitter Deathmatch arena and taken their seats to find out which 4 Primarchs will be fighting it out in the initial qualifying round......"

"The music has faded out and the big plastic pot full of colourful balls is in the spotlight...."

"Strolling into the studio now to draw the Primarchs this evening is our special guest the one, the only - Fateweaver!"

"Who can tell whether this is indeed a random draw or whether the mighty bird is concocting the pairings for a big win with the bookies...."

"Anyway back to the proceedings as a feathered hands dips its claws into the pot...."

Qualifying round:

Deathmatch 1 : Rogal Dorn vs Perturabo

Deathmatch 2 : Corvus Corax vs Lion El'Johnson

Deathmatch 1

"So our First big matchup sees our first loyalist v traitor matchup. The Imperial Fists represented by Rogal Dorn take on Perturabo from the Iron Warriors. Interesting matchup this one and could be the most boring battle as both might just sit behind a big wall throwing stones at each other. As we know this rivalry goes back a long way to a point when both were young and trying to build the tallest Lego tower. Perturabo sneezed, Rogal's wall came tumbling down and well we all know what happened next, they have been rivals for millennia."

"Well its time to find out who goes into the First round proper, Twitter followers lets see who comes out on top."



Perturabo - 1 Week

Lets Go!!!!

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