Saturday, 7 May 2016

Primarch Death Match: Perturabo

Well, one week gone and we're one Primarch down... and what a Primarch he is!

Perturabo is a tank. In the literature, in the Forge World miniature and on the battlefield, once the Perturabo-tank starts rolling, nothing is gonna stop him.

Where to start? I'll start with Angel Exterminatus. A few months back us Dads were having a chat about something or other and I think I said something along the lines of "I don't have any feelings either way towards Perturabo, I don't even know what he did during the Heresy." Dad Steve said I should re-read Angel Exterminatus. I did and all I can say is that Perturabo is probably my second favourite Primarch now. I even have a small squad of Iron Warriors ready to join my Space Wolves.

Perturabo came across as a noble warrior, like most of his brothers, who decided he didn't like any form of tyranny, including that of his genetic Father. So when Horus declared his independence, the Iron Warriors took their chance. Perturabo's only error was siding with Horus. He would have been better off plotting his own destiny, instead he traded one perceived tyrant for another.

Angel Exterminatus relays the moment Fulgrim reveals his ultimate betrayal and Petturabo realises he has cast in his lot with a carnival of freaks. But also realises he has no choice but to continue down that path, he's already damned himself and his legion as traitors. All he can do now is hope to reap bloody revenge on Fulgrim and help Horus achieve the end he desires.

The reason Perturabo appeals to me is the crux of this truly tragic story: he wants mankind to be free of all tyranny. He's not a traitor and he's not loyal. He didn't fall that day his legion turned their guns on their brothers, that only came much later after Fulgrim's almost-assassination filled his heart with rage and hate, allowing Chaos to wheedle its way in and turn this once proud warrior's heart black and rotten.

Book 23: Angel Exterminatus

The miniature which Forge World have produced has absolutely blown me away and I will certainly paint this guy at some point in the next 12 months. The only reason I have held off is that I want Russ to be my first Primarch, having been a Space Wolves player all my gaming life. I could certainly imagine Russ and Perturabo having a respect for each other, so have no issues with having them both in my army.

The miniature, in my opinion, is the only Primarch miniature to date that I haven't been a bit disappointed with, it completely epitomises the character it is trying to portray. But maybe that's because I had very few preconceptions. I knew little of what this guy looked like before the HH series took off other than the images in Collected Visions of Heresy, and that wasn't many.

No, Forge World have done a great job on this one in my book. He looks like a bad ass mother hunker wading through the wreckage of his enemies. He looks unstoppable. He looks pissed off that once again he has been left to do the dirty work whilst his brothers claim the glory. If he had a tattoo, I imagine it'd be two words: "F*ck it".

What about in-game then? I've obviously not used him in battle myself, but having faced other Primarchs, I can only imagine that he justifies his 455pt. It's a big chunk of your army points, but with 6 wounds, It Will Not Die and The Logos, there's a good chance you won't loose him during the course of 6 rounds. And with a Precision Bombardment, wrist cannon and Forgebreakerm he's gonna be the anvil AND the hammer to shatter the other army.

What is The Logos? you ask. All I can say is that Perturabo was the equal of Ferrus Manus when it came to tinkering with his wargear. this guy was an artisan to equal any of his brothers. The Logos is described as a custom suit of terminator armour allowing the Lord of the Iron Warriors to be cybernetically linked to ever facet of the forces under his command, ensuring every element worked in concert to defeat the foe.

In game terms it provides a 2+ armour, 3+ invulnerable save, AP2 close combat attacks and Deep Strike.

And man, lets not forget, this guy has a Shadowsord as his personal transport, The Tormentor But lets be honest, nothing smaller would suffice... a tank for a tank.

Overall, I'm sorry that pussy Dorn won this round. A warrior as solid and robust as Perturabo really shouldn't have been eliminated before the game truly starts, but then I imagine he never really wanted to be part of it. He never craved the power or glory like his brothers, he just wanted to free mankind from the shackles of others and then be left to his own devices. It's probably best he's out of it...


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