Friday, 6 May 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch - Week 1 Qualifying round result & Week 2 Deathmatch 2

Well fight fans there you have it. Regal Adorn (Damn you autocorrect!) takes down the whimpering Perturabo in the qualifying round. He obviously outbored his nemesis as they sat behind their big walls and then crept up to bang him on the head with his hammer while he was asleep.

Whatever happened 56% percent of the vote went to Rogal 'I'll give you a fisting, see if I don't' Dorn and he goes through to the first round proper.

Up next is the last of the qualifying rounds - a battle of the animals as the Raven takes on the Lion.

Yes its Corvus Corax the leader of the sneaky Raven Guard up against Lion El'Johnson, the robed Legolas look-a-like.

Raven Guard v Dark Angels, where will your loyalties lie?

If you wish to vote check out Twitter @4dadsapocalypse and go to the pinned tweet.

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