Friday, 20 May 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch - Week 3 result - Mortarion v Guilliman

What an epic battle it has been this week! If you have been following on twitter (@4dadsapocalypse) then you will know that after 7 days of slugging it out Mortarion and Roboute Guilliman finished dead level in the Twitter vote.

Both Primarchs were sunk on their knees in the deathmatch arena surrounded by blood and other unspeakable fluids that had worked their way out of Mortarions ruined armour. Blades were bent and scythes were misshapen but both Primarch's were still alive.

Out of nowhere our special guest Sgt Oan Mkoll appeared and announced an unprecedented extra hour of battle for the arena. The fans went nuts and watched the onslaught.

Finally after innumerable blessings from the gods, Mortarion's Feel No Pain was too much for the mighty Roman Guilliman and the boy in blue sagged to the floor waiting for the final reaping delivered by Mortarion's mighty Scythe.

Mortarion and his Death Guard go off for a well earned rest before his next fight in the quarter finals while we get to stay on and find out who is up next.

Stay tuned fight fans for our next deathmatch is just around the corner....

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