Friday, 20 May 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 4 - Magnus v Ferrus Manus

I'm not sure we can top the drama of week 3 but this match will certainly give it a go!

Here to draw our next 2 contestants in the Deathmatch studio's is the one, the only, Old Zogwart!
The weirdest of the weirdboyz himself stands before me in the studio now bathed in his luminescent green glow and interesting aroma.

He approaches the drawing bowl now ready to draw the first Primarch and.... Bang, Flash..... it turns into a squig!! Has anyone got another set of balls and bowl to draw them from please?! And somebody shoot that Squig!!

Right now that everything has calmed down a bit here, Mr Zogwart please put down the staff and pick a ball out of the bowl....

And who do we have? Its Magnus the Red! Old Cyclops himself makes an appearance ready to fight and hoping to win to make a political victory speech at the finish about how he was right and everyone should have listened to him!

So who will face Magnus? Could it be the Wolf or is it too early for that matchup just yet? Those orky fingers are dipping into the bowl again.....its......Ferrus Manus! The Primarch who famously loses his head under pressure.

So Deathmatch fans we have The Crimson King representing the Thousand Sons v The Gorgon Representing the Iron Hands. Who will win? Only you can decide so get on Twitter and vote now!

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