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Vlka Fenryka Update - May 2016

Hello hello,

So, I have discovered that we have a small issue her at Dad HQ... it's called "Hobby Drought".

Turns out we have all been pretty busy lately and with the exception of the Primarch Death Match and Rich finishing Sigismund (now with improved straight sword...), we have all been a bit busy to get much done. For example, I just spent 5 days at Butlins Toddler Week... and am still figuring out if it's me and the wife or the tiny chapter master that are the most tired after that experience.

So I wanted to try and remedy that,a nd try and get my hobbying back on track (remember those hobby resolutions we set out in January? Not looking so achievable now are they!?) with a post on what little I have been up to and outline my hobby plans for the next two months. "Why two months?" you ask. Because that's when the Forge World Open Day is and my next opportunity to enter a painting competition.

My original aim was to enter the Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls but when I sat down and thought about it, I would just have too many miniatures to paint before then in order to have a legal army, I'm sh*t at actually playing 40k AND it's £70, which I just don't have... sorry that's wrong, I do have £70 but my priorities are new light fittings, re-rendering the house and the possibility of dropping some monies on Leman Russ and HH Book 7 when they arrive later in the year. I hate saying "I don't have time" or "I don't have the money", because that's not the case. As a busy dad, husband and house owner, the truth is always a matter of priorities, which are no longer all my own.

So, my revised plan for the next two months is to work on two entries for the FW open day painting comp. I don't actually know what the categories are yet but I have two pieces I have been working on for a while now so hopefully at least one will fit.

I also plan to finish the following squads:
  • Legion Breacher Squad: just highlights, decals and weathering to go
  • Contemptor Dreadnought: new base to finish
  • Master of Signal: just highlights, decals and weathering to go
  • Heavy Weapon Squad: two new members to add and new bases to add
  • 2No. rhinos: stuck together but that's it so far...
I must admit that things have been going slow whilst I await the release of the FW Space Wolves transfer sheet... Fingers crossed it won't be long now!!!!

For the remainder of the year my plan is to finally rebase and re-paint my three 20-man tactical squads so that I finally have a fully painted legal army to play with... oh, and Leman Russ when he arrives (plus all the other 'dad' things that need doing, working on the house, working on my PhD and delivering my maiden lecture at the ICE bridge conference (why the feck did I volunteer for that I keep asking myself... I hate giving talks)).

So here's the Breachers, Contemptor and Master of Signal so far. As I say, just waiting for those decals, some weathering and highlighting, then they're done (sorry for the rushed photos, as I say, not much time lately).

Master of Signal

Breacher Sergeant

New base

The other thing that I wanted to follow up was the review of Warhammer World that I did, highlighting that actually it was a pretty good place to take your kids. Well, I was there again the other week with Logan and what I noticed was that there seemed to be a lot more kids there than usual. Not just 10 year olds playing with their dads (which is great), but toddlers with parents (there was a choice of toddlers for Logan to have a chat with). There was even an increase in the number of high chairs available in Bugmans. So, all in all, I can only say that the venue is even better equipped than it was previously and seems to be attracting more family groups all of the time. Well done GW. Maybe you could now start aiming products and activities at this age range (my wife has always asked where the Space Marine baby grows are... and Logan likes painting a Space Marine or two).

Thanks for reading!

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