Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hobby Blockage - Overwhelmed

I am suffering from a hobby condition at the moment so I thought I'd write a post about it and share some of my feelings hoping that I am not the only one who has experienced this debilitating disease.

It has now been about 5 weeks since I last did anything to do with the hobby apart from the blog or twitter (which isn't really hobbying).

I wrote a post about time a while ago (here) and how it is possible to fit 40k into even the busiest life. However sometimes life does get in the way and the hobby stops for a bit. For me it has been a busy time with scouts (I am a Beaver scout leader), school (I am a teacher) and life in general (I have a wife and 2 daughters) which has left 40k in the background for a few weeks. Now this isn't a problem as it won't go away and I am still desperate to get back into painting and playing. What I am finding though is that I have become overwhelmed and I am finding it really hard to start again after a long break.

I had got into a good routine of 30 mins to an hour painting time 3 - 4 times a week and I was really rocking the progress on my Flesh Tearers. As always I had 4-5 projects on the go because I bore really easily and the army was coming together nicely.

Unfortunately having stopped I am now hit by a blockage. I don't really know where to start, can't really remember where I was up to as I have quite a few models on my painting station and when I do get time instead of getting the paint stuff out I find myself having thoughts like: "It takes ages to get everything sorted. It's going to take all my time setting up the wet palette and getting the light out of the wardrobe. I need to find the models I want to paint and mix all of the paints..." etc.etc. In reality it takes 5 mins tops to get the stuff ready!

So what do I do in this situation? Well I think that the first steps I need to take are the following:

- Look in the diary and plan when I am going to get my next 2-3 bits of free time to do some hobby.

- Before the first bit of free time I get I need to listen to a podcast like the independent characters or watch a youtube video to get some inspiration to motivate me to get back into hobbying.

- Use that first bit of free time to sort out the models I want to paint and make a list of what I need to do with them and get them ready to go so I can start quickly.

- Before the second bit of free time I need to build a list to play my next game - this always motivates me to finish painting what I need in the list.

- On that second bit of free time go for it no matter what. As soon as I start I know I won't be able to stop. And afterwards whatsapp what I have done to the other 3 dads for some encouragement and feedback.

Actually writing this plan of action has helped me a lot. I already feel like I want to get going as it has given me a little focus, a ray of light that I can follow to get back to what I love doing. If anyone has any other suggestions or experiences like this then please let me know as it would be nice to help each other out and share solutions to issues like these.

All the best



  1. I completely get this article. Great job.

  2. Thanks, think I am getting out of the slump with my action plan...