Monday, 23 May 2016

Primarch Deathmatch - Obituary - Roboute Guilliman

Final moments of the extended time fight...

The two Primarchs had been fighting non stop for a week without either succumbing. For the thousandth time their whirling blows ceased momentarily as they leapt to either side of the fighting pit. 

Steam cooled from their bare heads and they eyed each other warily. 

"You know it's 200 years to the day since we first met?" Mortarion uttered. 

"Yes I do think you are correct" said Guilliman. 

"All this time I've been meaning to tell you something, something I've never told anyone about you" offered Mortarion.

"Do go on Morty, if nothing else it's a nice change from trying to cut your head off."

"Well you see I've always felt, stronger, about you than all my other brothers and if I am being honest with you. And I am. I would be at your side as quick as a wink if you would take me back" The Death Lord's eyes could not meet his brothers as he spoke. 

"Do you mean that brother? Would it surprise you to know I have felt the same way all these years? All this time all I ever really wanted to do was hop in a rhino and go watch the waves crashing onto a beach with you. What say we give up on all this, and take a cruise around the 500 worlds, well at least the ones that haven't been destroyed, Dad will never even know" the Lord of Maccrage offered. 

Mortarion threw down his scythe, smiling as he strolled over to his brother and reached into his robes. 

With a wink he said "Rob that sounds devine, have I got time to grab a couple of spare sets of astartes undergarments and my sketch pad? Oh and let's have a little drink to get us in the mood before we go" he said uncorking the bottle he produced from his robes and pouring two glasses from a bottle marked 'Morty's Homebrew - a kick like a Scythe!!'

"Thank you brother" said the Ultramarine Lord as he took a large gulp "wow this stuff is strong, I can feel my eyes starting to water Morty, where have you been hiding this stuff?"

"Oh it's just one of my brews I've been saving for a special occasion, drink up and we can go". 

"Hang on Morty, I can't see out of my right eye. This isn't the same stuff you put in the punch at Dad's 'Crusaders Ball' is it? In fact, I can't feel my legs either." 

The Avenging Son, collapsed, his fingers jerking around the small glass, his last sight a smiling Mortarion sweeping down with his scythe.

Roboute Guilliman - brief bio:

So the Avenging Son is out before the quarter finals, bit of a surprise as I would have thought he was better liked than his opponent but there you go. Another bright star in the galaxy put out. As you can see from above, it wasn't exactly a 'Queensbury rules' end to the bout but anything goes in a heresy era deathmatch!

So this Primarch landed up in the Ultima Segmentum after the Big E let him get snatched by the warp. In no time at all the Big Blue guy had created a vast kingdom stretching into nearby planetary systems. Social order was an egalitarian meritocracy, a land of milk and honey. When the Big E arrived he must have been tempted to kill off the other Primarch's and just have Guilliman sort the galaxy out based on what he had done so far. 

But, that wasn't to be, and a good thing too or we wouldn't have this great fight to play out! Row-boat (his fave nickname) was great at crusading and no other Legion conquered and held as much ground. Mr Maccragge was best buddies with Dorn, Sanguinius, Russ and Ferrus Manus who he called the Dauntless Few and boasted he could win any fight with one of them at his side. 

He also took part in the shaming of the Word Bearers under his fathers instruction, much to his own dismay, and Lorgar, its fair to say, developed a teensy grudge over this. And we all know how that worked out for them both...

Unlike the Deathmatch, Roboute survives the heresy although misses out on the big fight at Terra - car trouble apparently. But later on in a scrap with Fulgrim he picks up a nasty scratch that sees him put into stasis on Maccragge and there he sits still in the 41st millennia. There are rumours that his wound has been healing...

Roboute Guilliman in the game

Pts 400WS BS Ld Sv
Roboute Guilliman:4+1  10 2+/4++

He is a pretty good general, bringing force multipliers and being pretty handy in a scrap (although works best when sat amidst his sons).

- He gives +1 to leadership for all his units
- One unit can be granted implacable advance, tank hunter or interceptor
- he can force siege the initiative to be re-rolled
- In combat (unless challenged mid-way by a second combatant) his WS increases by 1 each round (max 10)!
- 2+/4+ armour/invul saves
- can get S10 AP1 strikes in close combat

I like him, he is a more balanced Primarch, not the best fighter, but makes up for that by buffing other units.

The model
Well, many don't like the model due to the statuesque pose and whilst some say he is one of the more dull Primarchs I guess this pose would fit with that! 

I like it though and would love to paint it sometime. The detail is stunning and he looks like he is at the start of the Heresy, the master of the 500 worlds, comfortable king of all he sees. I wonder if there will be a model later in the schedule where we can see him popping heads off Word Bearers?

Thanks for reading and happy hobby time!


  1. Nice intro rich. Can't believe this guy went so early!

  2. Yeah, It was great fun though seeing them one vote apart for so long!