Friday, 27 May 2016

Twitter Primarch Deathmatch Week 4 Result - Magnus v Ferrus Manus

Commentary excerpt from Deathmatch week 4:

"The two warriors enter the Deathmatch arena, their hulking presence silences the baying crowd. The gigantic form of the mighty Ferrus Manus casts a hulking shadow as the floodlights beam down and we are ready for an almighty smackdown in the arena tonight."

"Ferrus is first to move as his mighty Iron hands hoist Forgebreaker high over his head......Wait! its all over! This is incredible! Magnus moved out of the shadows and......opened his cycloptic eye! That was it, quick as a flash and Ferrus' head just popped clean off!"

" Magnus is quietly walking back into the shadows here in the arena as the boo's ring around at arenaside. Once again Ferrus has buckled under the pressure and lost his head in the big fight. What a let down......."

So that's it, a very one sided contest leaves Magnus strolling into the quarters. Just who will be joining him in week 5? Check back later when the draw is made.

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